Quest Name Requirements
[Required] Kyrin of the Nautilus Level 10, Jett only
[Wanted] Green Mushrooms Level 10
[Wanted] Horny Mushrooms Level 10
[Wanted] Blue Mushrooms Level 10
[Wanted] Mushmom Level 10
[Wanted] Blue Mushmoms Level 10
Salad Ingredients Level 10
Salad for Maya Level 10
Making Horny Mushroom Pie Level 10
Gift for the Chief Level 10
Studious Son Level 10
Runaway Brother Level 10
Minding Mrs. Ming Ming Level 15
Level 15
First Friend in Perion Level 20
Helping the Town 1 Level 20
The Eccentric Blackbull Level 20
Perion Homestyle Cooking Level 20
Helping the Town 2 Level 20
Help the Excavation Site Level 20
The Strange Lives of Ghost Stumps Level 20
10 Boogies Level 20
Dehydrated Trees Level 20
Dehydrated Tree Branches Level 20
Stumpy the Ent Level 20
Peace for Perion Level 20
[Required] Item Sent by Kyrin Level 20, Jett only
In Search of a Clue Level 20, Jett only
A Fragment in the Forest Level 20, Jett only
An Ominous Feeling Level 20, Jett only
[Forest of Endurance] The Pink Anthurium Level 25
[Forest of Endurance] The Double-Rooted Red Ginseng [Level 25]
About the Amorian Challenge! Level 40
The Middleman Level 43
Alex the Runaway Level 43
Mr. Pickall the Lock-picker Level 43
Recovered Watch Level 43
Jake's Dilemma Level 43
Nella's Proposal Level 43
Jane Doe's Request Level 43
JM's Request Level 43
Shumi's Forgetfulness Level 43
JM's Next Request Level 43
Owner of the Hat Level 43
A Ghost's Perspective Level 43
Mystery of the Kerning City Subway Level 43
[Construction Site B1] Shumi's Lost Coin Level 45
[Construction Site B2] Shumi's Lost Roll of Cash Level 45
[Construction Site B3] Shumi's Lost Sack of Cash Level 45
[Kerning City] Dark Swamp Region Level 45
Something Foul Level 45
Nella's Scheme Level 45
Rebel with a Cause Level 45
The Misunderstanding Level 45
Reconciliation Level 45
Examine the Hut in the Swamp Level 45
Crackin' Crocos Level 45
Nella's Request Level 45
The Dark Lord's Request Level 45
Orange Brick Delivery Level 45
Swamp Monsters, Sprouted Level 45
The Unknown Cause Level 45
Swamp Region Troubleshooter Level 45
JM's Conspiracy Theory Level 47
Mr. Pickall on the Dyle Level 47
Nella on the Dyle Level 47
All About Dyle Level 47
The Truth Revealed Level 47
Blackbull Level 55
Cranky Level 55
Poor, Lost Christopher Level 55
Lost Blueprints Level 55
Silas the Blacksmith Level 55
Descended from Warriors Level 55
The Burning Lands Level 55
The Transformation Potion Level 55
A Beginner Alchemist Level 55
Sophia's Ambitions Level 55
A Gift For Ayan Level 55
Ayan's Rage Level 55
Hunting Iron Boars Level 55
Hunting Fire Boars Level 55
[Perion] Rocky Mountain Hunter Level 55
Notice from the Excavation Team Level 60
Monsters of the Excavation Site Level 60
Behind the Mask Level 60
Destructive Science 1 Level 60
Destructive Science 2 Level 60
Mysterious Strength Level 60
To the Excavation Site! Level 60
[Relic Excavation Association] Burying Fossils Level 60
[Relic Excavation Association] Bad Doggie, No Bone Level 60
[Relic Excavation Association] A Bone To Pick Level 60
[Relic Excavation Association] Deboning Level 60
[Relic Excavation Association] Skeleton Crew Level 60
Cooking with Tangyoon Level 60