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Fenelle's Catalyst
NPC Fenelle.png
Category Angelic Buster
Available Kylan asked you to assist Fenelle, in Great Temple Interior.
In Progress Fenelle needs a catalyst. Defeat Amethyst Tokka monsters at the Radiant Rock Forest, and bring back 20 of their Glow Glow Stone items.
Completed Fenelle has something to tell you in exchange for your help.
  1. Talk to Fenelle by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Obtain 20 Glow Glow Stones from Amethyst Tokkas.
  3. Talk to Fenelle in Great Temple Interior.
Rewards BasicReward.png
4,000 EXP
Etc Glow Glow Stone.png Glow Glow Stone -20
Unlocked Quest(s) Fenelle's Advice
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