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Angelic Debut
NPC Cartalion
Category Angelic Buster
Available Visit Cartalion and see what he needs.
In Progress Cartalion asked you to defeat 30 of the Sleepy Grobbler monsters. Sounds easy, but you have to start somewhere. Go to the East Pantheon Plains or the West Pantheon Plains.
Completed Cartalion seems pleased. He asked you to come back, but you’ve got bigger fish to fry!
  1. Talk to Cartalion by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Eliminate 30 Sleepy Grobblers.
  3. Talk to Cartalion in Pantheon.
Rewards BasicReward
900 EXP
Use White Potion White Potion x 30
Unlocked Quest(s) Helperoth
Pebble Collector 1
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