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[Genesis Weapon] Traces of Lotus, the Wing Master
NPC Neinheart
Category Genesis Weapon
Available To get clues about the power the Black Mage left, seek traces of the power he gave to his commanders.
In Progress You must defeat his afterimage to get Etc Black Mage Remnant Black Mage Remnant x1. You must also defeat Hard Lotus according to the mission conditions.

* If you attempt to enter a Boss Stage while the quest is in progress, the stage will fit the mission progress status. * You can go to the Evening Conference Pavilion, where Grendel the Really Old is, through the [Genesis Weapon] Trailing the Traces of the Black Mage quest from the notifier.
Completed You brought the Trace of Darkness you got from defeating Hard Lotus to Grendel the Really Old.
  1. Talk to Neinheart at Evening Conference Pavilion.
  2. Eliminate Lotus [Hard Mode] with the following restrictions:
    1. 20% Final Damage reduction
    2. Must be defeated alone
  3. Obtain 1 Black Mage Remnant from Genesis Crux [Hard Mode].
  4. Talk to Grendel the Really Old at Evening Conference Pavilion.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Black Mage Remnant Black Mage Remnant -1
Unlocked Quest(s) [Genesis Weapon] Power Unbound, Stage 1
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