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[Esfera] Mirrors in Mirrors
NPC Melange
Category Esfera, the Origin Sea
Available Talk to Melange in Radiant Throne again. You may be able to find Will soon.
In Progress You enter the gate in Radiant Throne to face Commander Will. With him out of the way, you just need to find a way to stop the ritual.
Completed Ultimately, you could not stop the ritual. The only option now is to take the fight straight to the Black Mage.
  1. Talk to Melange at Radiant Throne.
  2. Eliminate Will's Reflection.
  3. Complete the quest [Esfera] What Will Left.
  4. Talk to Will at Fading Light.
  5. View the cutscene.
Rewards BasicReward
90,598,603 EXP
Eqp Arcane Symbol Esfera Arcane Symbol: Esfera x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) [Esfera] What Will Left (if in progress)
[Arcana] Stay Safe, Friends 2
[Esfera] Ollie's Message
[Esfera] The True Abyss
[Moonbridge] Destiny Awaits
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