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Protective Shield Patrol
NPC Cartalion
Category Kaiser
Available Cartalion and the other knights are busy preparing for Magnus's invasion. It seems like Cartalion wants to talk to you about something.
In Progress Cartalion asks you to patrol around the Protective Shields while they are preparing countermeasures. He says they are not going to launch the attack yet, but you still have a bad feeling about this. First, go to the Protective Shield at East Pantheon Border which is close to Heliseum, the home of Magnus.
Completed Although it was only the preliminary attack using trained animals, Magnus's attack came faster than expected. This just means that the real attack will be here soon.
  1. Talk to Cartalion by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Eliminate the monsters at East Pantheon Border.
  3. Talk to Cartalion in Pantheon.
Rewards BasicReward
10,000 EXP
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