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Orbis Cloud Piece
Character Self
Category Kaiser
Available Someone said Pixies in Orbis sometimes give up mysterious Cloud Pieces. Take it to Kylan.
In Progress Obtain a Pixie Cloud Piece from Pixies at Cloud Park in Orbis and take it to Kylan at Great Temple Interior. The Pixie Cloud Piece can be obtained from Lunar Pixie, Star Pixie, and Luster Pixie.
Completed This might help you understand Maple World a bit better.
  1. Click on the light-bulb above your head.
  2. Obtain 1 Pixie Cloud Piece from Star Pixie, Lunar Pixie, or Luster Pixie.
  3. Talk to Kylan in Great Temple Interior.
Rewards BasicReward
25,000 EXP
Etc Cloud Piece Pixie Cloud Piece -1
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