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A Guide to Portal Operation
NPC Kylan
Category Kaiser
Available With the seal taken care of, all that's left is reactivating the Interdimensional Portal. Ask Kylan about what is needed.
In Progress Kylan says he needs plenty of magic stones for reactivation. Defeat Gravi Stonegar at Enchanted Forest to obtain 50 Gravi Stonegar Magic Pebble and deliver them to him.
Completed Everything is ready! Are you prepared to travel to a new world?
  1. Talk to Kylan by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Obtain 50 Gravi Stonegar Magic Pebbles from Gravi Stonegar.
  3. Talk to Kylan in Great Temple Interior.
Rewards BasicReward
10,000 EXP
Etc Gravi Stonegar Magic Pebble Gravi Stonegar Magic Pebble -50
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