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Quest Name Level Requirements
[Job Advancement] Creeping Abyss Level 10
Mar's in an Ocean of Trouble Level 10
Caravan Leader Zippy Level 10
Medical Supplies Level 10
Demolitions Expert Salvo Level 10
Food Storage Shortage Level 10
Master Detector Ferret Level 10
Refuge Repairs Level 10
Repair Completed?! Level 10
Mar's Wish Level 10
Crystal-Powered Airship Level 17
Crystal Excavation Level 17
Equipment Prep Level 17
Explosive Prep Level 17
Ferreting Out the Signal Level 17
Divide and Locate Level 17
Fuzzy Signal Level 24
Distorted Signal Level 24
Sandy Depths Level 24
Tracking the Trackers Level 24
Seeking the Seekers Level 24
Gritty Escape Level 24
Search and Success Level 24
A Close Call Level 24
Unleash the Specter Level 24
[Job Advancement] Crumbling Abyss Level 30
[Skill] Master Corruption Level 30
Refuge Survival Level 30
Separate Ways 1 Level 30
Separate Ways 2 Level 30
[Skill] Contact Caravan Level 30
Old Friend, New Enemy Level 30
Perils of the Black Market Level 33
Coney's Reward Level 33
Pantheon and the Other Dimension Level 33
Interdimensional Travel Level 33
Strange World: Henesys Level 35
Strange World: Henesys Revisited Level 35
Strange World: Gold Beach Level 35
Strange World: Swamp Region Level 45
Strange World: Riena Strait Level 50
[Job Advancement] From the Abyss Level 60
Silver Abyssal Emblem Level 60
Strange World: Sleepywood Level 65
Maple Alliance Level 75
Ereve, Island of the Empress Level 75
Alliance Member Level 75
Strange World: Verne Mine Level 80
Strange World: Verne Mine Revisited Level 80
To Pantheon Level 90
[Job Advancement] Light in the Abyss Level 100
Gold Abyssal Emblem Level 100
[Skill] Who's the true victor? Level 200
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