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[Job Advancement] Sanctuary Discovered 1
NPC Shuang
Category Illium
Available It's not a bad thing to help Shuang, but you can't waste your time here... Ask her about the Crystal Gate again.

Talk to Shuang in Relic Excavation Camp.
In Progress
Completed You finally entered the Sanctuary of the Ancient Gods! But it was so foggy you couldn't see anything... That voice you heard... who was it?
  1. Talk to Shuang at Relic Excavation Camp.
  2. View the cutscene.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Illium II to Illium III
Eqp Wanderer Wanderer x 1
Eqp Silver Crystal Emblem Silver Crystal Emblem x 1
Eqp Holy Lucent Wings Holy Lucent Wings x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) Silver Crystal Emblem
[Job Advancement] Discovery of the Sanctuary 2
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