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[Arcana] The Harmony of the Forest
NPC Spirit of Harmony
Spirit of Harmony
Category Arcana
Available You have purged the Spirit Tree of evil, and harmony slowly returns fo the forest. The vortex of light blocking your path forward appears to be gone now.
In Progress The Small Spirit has something to tell you.
Completed Harmony has returned to the forest. It is time to move on.
  1. Talk to Spirit of Harmony at Grove of the Spirit Tree.
  2. Talk to Small Spirit at Grove of the Spirit Tree.
Rewards BasicReward
7,683,396 EXP
Eqp Arcane Symbol Arcana Arcane Symbol: Arcana x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) [Vanishing Journey] Investigation Findings 3
[Chu Chu Island] Food in Abundance 2
[Lachelein] The Nightmare Continues 1
[Morass] The Flow
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