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Specter Informant
NPC Edea
Category Heliseum
Available Talk to Edea about the information you obtained from Fenelle.
In Progress While Edea performs more research on sacred objects, eliminate high-ranked Specters to gather any information you can. Eliminate 50 Magician Specter monsters. Magician Specter monsters can be found at the Tyrant's Castle 3rd Floor Mezzanine.
Completed Go see Tiron and talk about decoding the password.
  1. Talk to Edea at Downtown Black Market. You will be teleported to Tyrant's Castle 3rd Floor Mezzanine.
  2. Eliminate 50 Magician Specters and obtain 1 Magnus's Letter.
  3. Talk to Edea again.
Rewards BasicReward
306,000 EXP
Etc Magnus's Letter Magnus's Letter -1
Unlocked Quest(s) Helping Tiron Decode
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