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Operation, Go!
NPC Edea
Category Heliseum
Available Edea said it's the right time to launch a full frontal attack and enter the central region. Talk to Edea.
In Progress Once you are ready for the full frontal attack, talk to Edea at the Commander Barracks and charge onto the battlefield!

<< This is a battlefield quest. To restart, please forfeit the quest first. >>
Completed You drew away the Specters as planned, but there seems to be a bit of a problem...
  1. Talk to Edea at Commander Barracks.
  2. Eliminate all the Specter Battle Hounds, Specter Shieldbearers, Specter Miners, Specter Tamers, Specter Engineers, and Power Specters at Occupied Heliseum Downtown, Occupied Heliseum Downtown, Occupied Heliseum Downtown, and Occupied Foggy Valley.
  3. Enter the portal at Occupied Foggy Valley.
Unlocked Quest(s) Castle Crash
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