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Too Many Streetlights
NPC Anthony
Category Resistance
Available Anthony at Edelstein City Hall has something to tell you.
In Progress Anthony told you that there are too many city streetlights, and they're wasting electricity. He wants you to collect light bulbs to cut down on power consumption. Eliminate Streetlights in Streetlight Row, and bring him 30 Streetlight Bulbs.
Completed Anthony specifically told you to bring him Streetlight Bulbs. Sounds like he might be looking to profit off them. Later, he gave you 1 Streetlight Bulb to earn your silence. Smart guy.
  1. Talk to Anthony in Edelstein.
  2. Obtain 30 Streetlight Bulbs from Streetlight.
  3. Talk to Anthony again.
Rewards BasicReward
5,000 EXP
Etc Streetlight Bulb Streetlight Bulb -29