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[Job Advancement] Sparring with Mastema
NPC Mastema
Category Resistance
Available You never expected to be trained by Mastema. Once you are ready, go and talk to Mastema.
In Progress Use the Dimensional Schism to travel to a new dimension and spar with Mastema. Don't hold back!
Completed Since you have sparred against Mastema in the past, your body responded automatically. The memories of some of your old powers and techniques have started to return. Who would have thought that fighting Mastema would be so helpful?
  1. Talk to Mastema by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Eliminate Mastema.
  3. Talk to Mastema in Nearby Edelstein Park Fountain 3.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Demon Slayer II to Demon Slayer III (if Demon Slayer)
Job Advancement from Demon Avenger II to Demon Avenger III (if Demon Avenger)
Eqp Awakened Demon Awakened Demon x 1 (if Demon Slayer)
Eqp Abyssal Avenger Abyssal Avenger x 1 (if Demon Avenger)