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[Required] Request from a Streetsweeper
NPC Brighton
Category Resistance
Available Raise your Level by helping the townspeople, like the Headmaster suggested. Brighton, the Streetsweeper, seems to need some help. Go see what he needs.
In Progress You meet Brighton, the Streetsweeper who is always smiling. Brighton says that he can manage cleaning inside the town, but he can't clean outside of town, so he wants you to help clean the park pathways outside of town. Eliminate the Grape Juice Bottles and retrieve the Cork Stoppers.

Etc Cork Stopper Cork Stopper #c4000597# / 5
Completed You gathered the trash and gave it to Brighton. Brighton was very happy about the new, clean streets. Then, quietly, he added that there is something else in town that really should be cleaned up.
  1. Talk to Brighton in Edelstein.
  2. Obtain 5 Cork Stoppers from Grape Juice Bottle.
  3. Talk to Brighton again.
Rewards BasicReward
730 EXP
Etc Cork Stopper Cork Stopper -5
Use Red Potion Red Potion x 20
Use Blue Potion Blue Potion x 20