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NPC Surl
Category Resistance
Available Surl told you that if you prove you know how to save, that he will give you a decent piece of armor.
In Progress Surl explained that people throw away lots of useful things in Black Plastic Bag, and so he wants to recycle those things to make your armor. Bring him 30 Black Plastic Bags by eliminating Dust Boxs.
Completed You brought Black Plastic Bags to Surl, and after rambling a bit about being frugal, gave you a pretty nice piece of armor. Surl might be a bit of a pain, but he does good work, at least.
  1. Talk to Surl in Edelstein.
  2. Obtain 30 Black Plastic Bags from Dust Box.
  3. Talk to Surl again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,000 EXP
Etc Black Plastic Bag Black Plastic Bag -30
Eqp Venon Venon x 1