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Nothing is More Important Than Money
NPC Stephan
Category Resistance
Available Road to the Mine 1's watchman Stephan needs something.
In Progress Stephan was a resident of Edelstein, but became a Black Wing watchman for money. On top of that, Stephan earns extra money by selling the batteries inside Safety First... Find some batteries for Stephan.

Etc Rue Battery Rue Battery #c4032764# / 40
Completed When you gave Stephan the Rue Battery, he laughed villainously. You hope Stephan has a good explanation for that...
  1. Talk to Stephan in Road to the Mine 1.
  2. Obtain 40 Rue Batteries from Safety First.
  3. Talk to Stephan again.
Rewards BasicReward
4,587 EXP
Etc Rue Battery Rue Battery -40
Etc Garnet Ore Garnet Ore x 3
Etc Amethyst Ore Amethyst Ore x 3
Etc Emerald Ore Emerald Ore x 3
Etc Opal Ore Opal Ore x 3
Etc Sapphire Ore Sapphire Ore x 3
Etc Topaz Ore Topaz Ore x 3
Etc Diamond Ore Diamond Ore x 3
Etc Black Crystal Ore Black Crystal Ore x 3
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