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[Job Advancement] Find the missing Job Instructor
NPC Claudine (2)
Category Resistance
Available Checky, the Mechanic Instructor, lost contact during a recent mission, but you don't know anything else... Ask Claudine for more information.
In Progress You are told that Checky has lost contact while he was on a mission to find out about the new Black Wings weapon being developed by Gelimer. Although there is no doubt that there was an intrusion in the Laboratory, there is no way to know what happened next. Go into Gelimer's Laboratory and try to find Checky.

You should disguise yourself as a Black Wing, then approach Gelimer inside the Mine.
Completed After falling for Gelimer's trap, you met Checky inside the prison. Checky seems to be injured, and he cannot move. Fortunately, he's still conscious...
  1. Talk to Claudine in Secret Plaza.
  2. Deliver 1 Hideout Return Scroll to Checky in Booby Trap! Laboratory Jail.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Hideout Return Scroll Hideout Return Scroll -1