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[Skill] End of Special Training
NPC Ferdi
Category Resistance
Available Upon reaching Lv. 200, Headmaster Ferdi of Edelstein talks to you.
In Progress Ferdi wants you to come to the school. He has something to say to you.
Completed Ferdi thanked you for being diligent during your Special Training and told you that your training is over, because you don't have anything else to learn. As a Resistance member and resident of the town, he would like to see you dedicate yourself to the town. You received the Hero's Echo skill along with his words of appreciation.
  1. Talk to Ferdi by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Talk to Ferdi in Edelstein.
Rewards BasicReward
Skill Echo of Hero Hero's Echo at Level 1
Eqp Special Training Master Special Training Master x 1