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Delivering the Test Subject's Medicine
NPC Claudine (2)
Category Resistance
Available Claudine, a member of the Resistance, wants to speak with you. Head over to the Underground Base.
In Progress Claudine says it isn't a secret mission, but a simple favor. She wants you to meet with a Resistance Secret Agent to deliver some medicine. The medicine appears to be something that was concocted by Vita. Go to the Secret Meeting Place via the back alley near Serpent Path's Phone Booth.
Completed The Resistance Secret Agent was J, who rescued you in front of the Laboratory a long time ago! J said that he's seen a lot of medicine with the initial V on it and wondered who made the medicine.
  1. Talk to Claudine in Secret Plaza.
  2. Deliver 1 Resistance Supply to J in Secret Meeting Place.
Rewards BasicReward
8,000 EXP
Etc Lost in Transit Box Resistance Supply -1
Use Return Scroll - Nearest Town Return Scroll - Nearest Town x 10