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Catching the Water Thief Monster
NPC Surl
Category Resistance
Available Go see Surl, who is in charge of Resistance supplies, and help him with his problem.
In Progress Surl engages in bartering in order to find financial support for the Resistance. Of the items he trades, water is one of the most important commodities. However, it appears that Water Thief Monsters have come and stolen all the water. Head over to Edelstein Strolling Path 3 and teach the Water Thief Monsters a lesson, then bring the Water Thief's Bottles over to the storage tank next to Surl to fill up the tank. You must fill the water tank all the way.

Fill the water tank with water

Caution: You must drop one bottle of water at a time, with the correct timing. It takes each bottle a few moments to be absorbed into the tank.
Completed Surl's water tank was successfully filled.
  1. Talk to Surl in Edelstein.
  2. Fill 수아르의 물 탱크 completely with water by dropping 10 Water Thief's Bottles separately.
  3. Talk to Surl again.
Rewards BasicReward
3,000 EXP
Ins Mechanical Chair Mechanical Chair x 1