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[Job Advancement] Thunder Breaker Knighthood Exam
NPC Hawkeye
Category Cygnus Knights
Available According to Neinheart, you can take the Knighthood Exam from Chief Knight of Lightning Hawkeye. Go to Ereve and meet Hawkeye.
In Progress The Knighthood Exam has begun. It's quite simple. Go to The 2nd Drill Hall at the end of the Training Forest, defeat 30 Tiguru of Exam monsters, and return to Hawkeye.
Completed You have completed the Knighthood Exam. You are no longer a Knight-in-Training, but a full-fledged official knight. May your raucous adventures serve the Cygnus Knights in some way.
  1. Talk to Hawkeye in Ereve.
  2. Eliminate 30 Tigurus of Exam.
  3. Talk to Hawkeye again.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Thunder Breaker I to Thunder Breaker II
Eqp Official Knight Official Knight x 1
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