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Lilin's Invitation
NPC Neinheart
Category Cygnus Knights
Available Neinheart needs your help preparing for the continental conference.
In Progress Neinheart wants you to see his sister in Rien. She says she found one of the 5 heroes who defeated the Black Mage, and Neinheart wants the hero to attend the continental conference.
Completed Neinheart's sister quietly accepted the letter.
  1. Talk to Neinheart in Ereve. You will be given 1 Alliance Invitation and be teleported to Rien.
  2. Deliver 1 Alliance Invitation to Lilin in Rien. You will be teleported to Ereve.
Rewards BasicReward
700 Empathy EXP
Etc Noblesse Certificate Alliance Invitation -1
Unlocked Quest(s) The Birth of an Alliance
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