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Quest Name Requirements
The Tradition None
Sojourn's End Level 10, Light path
Light Reborn Level 10, Light path
Rehabilitation Level 10, Light path
The Guardian Returns Level 10, Light path
Centuries Lost Level 10, Light path
Magic Library Level 10, Light path
Student of the Really Old Level 10, Light path
Emblem of Light Level 10, Light path
Cleaned Out Level 10, Light path
Containing Darkness Level 10, Dark path
The Power Is Yours Level 10, Dark path
Fostering the Dark Level 10, Dark path
Lost Time Level 10, Dark path
Research Tactics Level 10, Dark path
Dissatisfied Customer Level 10, Dark path
Terror of the Library Level 10, Dark path
Killing Time Level 10, Dark path
Aurora's Legacy Level 15, Light path
Inside the Scroll Level 15, Light path
Lolo's Sap Level 15, Light path
The Return of the Librarian Level 15, Light path
Grendel's Prescription Level 15, Light path
Moth-Eaten Scroll Level 15, Dark path
Dark Rage Level 15, Dark path
Fighting for Control Level 15, Dark path
Grendel the Head Librarian Level 15, Dark path
Grendel's Deal Level 15, Dark path
Concerned Townspeople Level 18, Light path
The Lone Girl Level 18, Light path
Garden of Vengeance Level 18, Light path
Experimental Failure Level 18, Light path
Fair Trade Level 18, Dark path
Cold Menace Level 18, Dark path
Surgical Strike Level 18, Dark path
The Second Scroll Level 22, Light path
The Path to Harmony Level 22, Light path
The Four Paradoxes Level 22, Light path
Answers Level 22, Dark path
The Sanctum of Harmony Level 22, Dark path
Solving Riddles Level 22, Dark path
Giants of the Cold Flame Level 23, Light path
Hot Chilly Giants Level 23, Light path
Destructive Creation Level 23, Light path
One Who Sees Darkness Level 23, Light path
Giants of the Cold Flame Level 23, Dark path
Hot Chilly Giants Level 23, Dark path
Destructive Creation Level 23, Dark path
One Who Sees Darkness Level 23, Dark path
The Ceremony Level 28, Light path
Aurora's Gate Level 28, Light path
Secret Ritual Level 28, Dark path
Harmony Level 28, Dark path
Unexpected Reunion Level 29, Light path
Against the Darkness Level 29, Light path
Light Versus Dark Level 29, Dark path
The Binds That Hold Level 29, Dark path
[Job Advancement] The Middle Road Level 30
[Required] Eclipse and Sunfire Level 30
Pressure Void Appreciation Level 30
Seeking Serenity Level 30
[Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Fairy Academy Level 30
Finding the First Augury Level 30
The First Augury Level 30
Finding the Second Augury Level 37
The Second Augury Level 37
Finding the Third Augury Level 42
Kerning City's Informant Level 42
The King of Thieves Level 42
The Third Augury Level 42
Finding the Fourth Augury Level 50
The Fourth Augury Level 50
Finding the Final Augury Level 56
Family Heirloom Level 56
Augury Heirloom Level 56
The Final Augury Level 56
[Job Advancement] The Power of Crystals Level 60
[Required] New Balance Level 60
Spectral Light Spectacular Level 60
Luminous's Token of Heroism Level 60
Silver Heroes Emblem Level 60
Reaching Equilibrium Level 60
Unexpected Encounter Level 60
Reunited Level 60
Looming Threat Level 60
Protect the Girl Level 60
Sentrobo Level 60
Fancy Toys Level 60
Stealing Power Level 60
Heart of the Machine Level 60
Sentrobo Lives! Level 60
What You Don't Know Level 63
You Scratch My Back... Level 63
The First Trade Level 63
The Second Trade Level 63
The Third Trade Level 63
Trade Complete Level 63
Still Not Enough Level 66
Light Barrier Level 66
The Sleeping Temple Level 66
Little Crystal Factories Level 66
Pieced Together Level 66
The Legendary Crystal Level 66
Crystal Construction Level 66
Crafting the Barrier Stone Level 66
An Unexpected Decision Level 66
Safe and Secure Level 66
Joining the Fight Level 74
Airborne Invitation Level 75
The Ellin Forest Incident Level 95
Unwavering Darkness Level 95
Guwaru's Mark Level 95
Guwaru from Beyond Level 95
A Piece of Past Level 95
[Job Advancement] Epiphany Level 100
Luminous's Token for an Epic Hero. Level 100
Gold Heroes Emblem Level 100
Commander Von Leon Level 110
The Greatest Loss Level 110
Grand Crystal Level 115
Beyond the Seas of Time Level 115
Wheel of Destiny Level 115
Consolation Level 115
Disaster Level 130
Dark Destiny Level 130
Lania's Distress Level 200
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