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The Sleeping Temple
NPC Insignificant Being
Insignificant Being
Category Luminous
Available Talk to the Insignificant Being in front of the temple.
In Progress According to the Insignificant Being, you can get the crystals from the monsters in the temple. He is worried that the monsters may have been affected by the crystals, so he wants 10 Tauromacis Bloods to cleanse them.

Etc Tauromacis Blood Tauromacis Blood #c4034072# / 10
Completed You brought all the purifying materials. Time for the crystals.
  1. Talk to Insignificant Being in Another Door.
  2. Obtain 10 Tauromacis Blood from Tauromacis.
  3. Talk to Insignificant Being again.
Rewards BasicReward
41,360 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) Little Crystal Factories
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