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Hot Chilly Giants
NPC Grendel the Really Old
Grendel the Really Old
Category Luminous
Available Now you have to defeat monsters related to hot chills. Ask Grendel the Really Old about it.
In Progress The first paradox is the Icy Mixed Golem's core. Double-click on the Vampiric Lantern Grendel gave you to move to Golem Temple 2 and put out 50 Icy Mixed Golems. When you're done, double-click on the Vampiric Lantern again to return.
Completed You defeated the Icy Mixed Golems and got hot chills into the Vampiric Lantern.
  1. Talk to Grendel the Really Old in Magic Library.
  2. Eliminate 50 Icy Mixed Golems.
  3. Talk to Grendel the Really Old again.
Rewards BasicReward
6,078 EXP
Use White Potion White Potion x 20
Use Pure Water Pure Water x 20
Unlocked Quest(s) Destructive Creation
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