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Experimental Failure
NPC Betty
Category Luminous
Available Dr. Betty looks busy. Perhaps you can give her a hand?
In Progress Dr. Betty needs replacement samples for an important experiment. Collect 20 Surgeon Eye Tails from the Surgeon Eyes in the usual way. They live Where the Forest Ends.
Completed You gathered the samples in time for Dr. Betty's experiment. If only she paid this much attention to her daughter...

Go back to see Grendel the Really Old.
  1. Talk to Betty in Ellinia.
  2. Obtain 20 Surgeon Eye Tails from Surgeon Eyes.
  3. Talk to Betty again.
Rewards BasicReward
1,950 EXP
Etc Surgeon Eye Tail Surgeon Eye Tail -20
Use White Potion White Potion x 10
Use Pure Water Pure Water x 10
Unlocked Quest(s) The Second Scroll
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