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Cleaned Out
NPC Lolo
Category Luminous
Available Lolo is having trouble finding the scroll. While he's searching, why don't you do him a favor?
In Progress The Royal Fairies at Chimney Tree Top stole the library's cleaning tools. Bring back 3 of Lolo's Cleaning Tools so he can keep the library squeaky clean.
Completed You found Lolo's cleaning tools. Lolo probably found the scroll by now.
  1. Talk to Lolo in Magic Library.
  2. Obtain 3 Lolo's Mops from Royal Fairy.
  3. Talk to Lolo again.
Rewards BasicReward
1,200 EXP
Etc Lolo's Mop Lolo's Mop -3
Use White Potion White Potion x 30
Use Mana Elixir Mana Elixir x 30
Unlocked Quest(s) Aurora's Legacy
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