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Airborne Invitation
NPC Agent M
Agent N
Category Luminous
Available Agent N wants to talk to you.
In Progress Empress Cygnus of Ereve wants to see you. Could she be related to Empress Aria, who helped you and the other 4 heroes in the war against the Black Mage?

You should go check it out.
Completed Cygnus is gathering Maple World's powers to keep the Black Mage in check.

She knows who you are and wants you to help. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing to have allies to fight by your side...
  1. Talk to Agent N by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Talk to Cygnus in Ereve Strolling Path.
Rewards BasicReward
36,700 EXP
Eqp A Member of The Maple Alliance A Member of the Maple Alliance x 1
Skill Will of the Alliance Will of the Alliance at Level 1
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