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[Silent Crusade] The Silent Crusade
NPC Bastille
Category Silent Crusade
Available Ask Bastille what kind of work he has to offer.
In Progress Bastille offered you a chance to join the Silent Crusade, but only if you were able to defeat...his puppy? What in the world are these people up to?!
Completed You got a big surprise when Coco revealed his true form, but you managed to best him in combat and you are now a member of the Silent Crusade.
  1. Talk to Bastille in Supply Warehouse.
  2. Eliminate Coco.
  3. Talk to Bastille again.
Rewards BasicReward
76,900 EXP
Eqp Veteran Crusader Ring I Bronze Cross Ring x 1
Etc Crusader Coins Crusader Coins x 10
Use Potent Crusader Saver Potent Crusader Saver x 100
Use Potent Crusader Refresher Potent Crusader Refresher x 100
Unlocked Quest(s) [Silent Crusader] Orientation
[Silent Crusade] The Silent Crusade UI
Title - Silent Crusade Recruit