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[Silent Crusade] Scourges of Leafre
NPC Starling
Category Silent Crusade
Available An urgent mission has come up. Talk to Starling about it.
In Progress You've been sent to investigate the Mystic Gate in Manon's Forest and Griffey Forest. Eliminate the Manon and Griffey within.
Completed You eliminated the Manon and Griffey in the Mystic Gate.
  1. Talk to Starling in Leafre.
  2. Eliminate Manon and Griffey.
  3. Talk to Starling again.
Rewards BasicReward
439,470 EXP
Etc Crusader Coins Crusader Coins x 10
Use Superior Crusader Saver Superior Crusader Saver x 50
Use Superior Crusader Refresher Superior Crusader Refresher x 50
Unlocked Quest(s) [Silent Crusade] Halflinger Hostilities