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[Silent Crusade] Halflinger Hostilities
NPC Crow
Category Silent Crusade
Available Crow appeared in Leafre, but why?
In Progress Shut down the Kentaurus uprising and save the Halflingers in Crow's stead.
Completed You eliminated the Kentaurus threat. The Halflingers should be able to live in peace now.
  1. Talk to Crow in Leafre.
  2. Eliminate 50 Black Kentauruses, 50 Red Kentauruses and 50 Blue Kentauruses.
  3. Talk to Crow again.
Rewards BasicReward
263,680 EXP
Etc Crusader Coins Crusader Coins x 3
Unlocked Quest(s) [Silent Crusade] The Mysterious King
[Silent Crusade] Half-Hearted Halflingers