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[Silent Crusade] First Mission
NPC Lora
Category Silent Crusade
Available Ask Lora, the Silent Crusader dispatched to Royal Cactus Desert, for a rundown of the situation.
In Progress Enter the Mystic Gate in Royal Cactus Desert and eliminate Deo.
Completed A strange shadow passed by when you eliminated Deo. What could that have been?
  1. Talk to Lora in Royal Cactus Desert.
  2. Eliminate Deo Ghameq.
  3. Talk to Lora again.
Rewards BasicReward
102,535 EXP
Etc Crusader Coins Crusader Coins x 5
Use Potent Crusader Saver Potent Crusader Saver x 30
Unlocked Quest(s) [Silent Crusade] Second Mission