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[Silent Crusade] Dark Energy Rising
NPC Starling
Category Silent Crusade
Available Starling is waiting for you in Leafre. Talk to her.
In Progress You investigated the Mystic Gate found in Cranky Forest in Leafre. Defeat Master Hoblin to rid the land of the dark energy.
Defeat them and then report to Starling in Leafre.
Completed You defeated the Master Hoblin and talked to Starling in Leafre.
  1. Talk to Starling by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Eliminate Master Hoblin.
  3. Talk to Starling in Leafre.
Rewards BasicReward
194,770 EXP
Etc Crusader Coins Crusader Coins x 7
Use Potent Crusader Saver Potent Crusader Saver x 70
Use Potent Crusader Refresher Potent Crusader Refresher x 70
Unlocked Quest(s) [Silent Crusade] A Leafre-y Problem
Title - Silent Crusade Officer
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