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Quests are tasks that players are able to perform for NPCs in exchange for a reward. There are many quests available to players, each having certain requirements that a player must meet before being able to take on the quest. Some of these requirements include being a certain level, having a mininum amount of fame, holding a certain item, etc.

There are various types of quests that are available. These types include monster-killing quests and item-gathering quests. By completing a quest, players will earn a reward; rewards may include Mesos, items, and experience.

Players can view their quest log by pressing the (by default) Q key. In this window are three panes: one displays quests that they have not taken on yet; one displays quests that are currently outstanding and require completion; and one displays quests that they have completed.

Quest Categories

Silent Crusade Profession Golden Temple Fantasy Theme World
Aran Evan Mercedes Phantom
Job Luminous Mihile Cygnus Knights
Resistance Heliseum Kaiser Angelic Buster
Edelstein Ellinia Victoria Island Sleepywood
Evolution System El Nath Orbis Aqua Road
Ludibrium Omega Sector Ellin Forest Korean Folk Town
Leafre Nihal Desert Mu Lung Garden Masteria
Temple of Time Gate to the Future Overseas Travel Party Quest
Event Title Pet Momijigaoka
Hayato Kanna Cash Hide Quests
Root Abyss Xenon Crimsonheart Castle Stone Colossus
Zero [Mirror World] Leafre [Mirror World] Ariant [Mirror World] Henesys
[Mirror World] Mu Lung [Mirror World] Edelstein [Mirror World] Magatia [Mirror World] Ludibrium
[Mirror World] Temple of Time Explorer Riena Strait Zero's Temple
Kritias Grand Athenaeum Commerci Republic Beast Tamer
Shade Special Content Tower of Oz Mushroom Castle
FriendStory Hieizan Beasts of Fury 2 Epic
TotsKnowHow Scrapyard Surprise Mission Alishan
Blackgate City Kinesis The Far East Shaolin Temple
Tynerum Singapore & Malaysia Beasts of Fury Giant Boss
Fish The Afterlands Monad Singapore
Malaysia Heroes of Maple Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine Tales Dark World Tree
Masteria Through Time Stellar Detectives 5th Job Skill and Arcane Power Vanishing Journey
Chu Chu Island Lachelein the Dreaming City Kerning Tower Legion
Arcana Cadena Illium Maple Achievement
Morass, the Swamp of Memory Fox Valley Ark Esfera, the Origin Sea
Lion King's Castle Tenebris Genesis Weapon Detective Rave's Case Notes
Ellinel Fairy Academy Gold Beach Secret Forest of Elodin Pathfinder
Partem Ruins
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