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Primal Essence
Etc Primal Essence.png
Description They say this stone dates back to the very formation of the world. Then again, they say lots of things. Occasionally found from Heartstones, Gold Flowers, Mysterious Ore Veins, Mysterious Legendary Ore Veins, Mysterious Herbs, and Mysterious Legendary Herbs.
Max per slot 9,000
Sold for Normal Servers: 1 meso
Reboot Server: 10,000,000 meso
Dropped by
Rewarded from Harvesting the following at a small chance:
  • Heartstone
  • Gold Flower
  • Mysterious Vein
  • Mysterious Legendary Vein
  • Mysterious Herb
  • Mysterious Legendary Herb
Tradeability Tradeable
Used to craft Meister Ring
Notes None
Armor ArmorAccessory
Weapon WeaponSecondary Weapon
Recovery PotionFoodCurePet Food
Equipment ScrollRebirth FlameSoul Weapon
Equip Enhancement Scroll
Others ArrowBagBulletFamiliar CardMastery BookRecipe
Summoning SackTeleport ItemThrowing Star
BagLeftoversQuest Item
Profession AbrasiveCrafting MaterialItem CrystalMagic Powder
HerbOreRefined HerbRefined Ore
BagChairDecorative ItemTitle
Cash Item
Cash ItemCubePet
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