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Beginner The Basics of Pink Bean

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Master of Organization.png Master of Organization Passive Expands Pink Bean's Equip, Use, Set-up, and Etc Inventory tabs.

(Permanently adds 48 Equip, Use, Set-up, and Etc Inventory slots.)

Skill Curse of Black Bean.png Curse of Black Bean Passive A curse you have been afflicted with since passing through Black Bean's strange portal.

(Can equip all Warrior job equipment, but cannot obtain SP, cannot trade with other characters, gains no party EXP with non-Pink Bean party members, and cannot gain Professions)

Pink Bean Pink Bean

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Pink Powerhouse.png Pink Powerhouse Active Pink Bean realized using tools can be fun! Keep tapping the attack key to deal 4 consecutive attacks with lots of tools and move forward.
Increases damage for other skills after use. Can be linked to other skills.
Skill Let's Roll!.png Let's Roll! Active Pink Bean realized rolling around is way faster than walking. Can be used on the ground and in the air. It even changes depending on where it is used. Not affected by attack reflection.
Skill Umbrella.png Umbrella Active Pink Bean lands from the air more slowly than usual. It reminds you of something...
Skill Pink Bean's Dignity.png Pink Bean's Dignity Passive Pink Bean's basic powers stem from being a natural-born boss monster. His awesome abilities make him totally different from regular monsters.
Skill Let's Rock!.png Let's Rock! Active Pink Bean is a huge music buff, and has no qualms about busting out with his instruments. Each instrument has its own special effect.
Skill Sky Jump.png Sky Jump Active Pink Bean loves soaring through the skies of Maple World! Not affected by attack reflection.
Skill Chill Out.png Chill Out Active When Pink Bean is tired from exploring Maple World, he has many cool ways to relax. This skill produces different effects depending on the action. Not affected by buff duration increase or buff removal.
Skill Pink Bean Power.png Pink Bean Power Passive Pink Bean's power is practically overflowing!
Skill Pink Bean's Scooter.png Pink Bean's Scooter Active Pink Bean loves zooming around on a pink scooter made just for him! And don't worry! It's not a battle scooter or anything, so it won't even sting if he hits you with it.
Cannot be copied by Pink Shadow.
Skill Instant Garden.png Instant Garden Active Pink Bean loves growing monstrous plants, and this is a perfect spot for one! The plant's attack is unaffected by attack reflection.
Skill Everybody Happy!.png Everybody Happy! Supportive Pink Bean cheers up the whole party with a special brand of adorableness! Boosts Party EXP, Speed, Attack Power, and Magic Attack Power. Unaffected by buff duration increase and buff removal.
Skill Blazing Yo-yo.png Blazing Yo-yo Active Pink Bean is one of the finest yo-yo-ers of this generation! Watch this burning trick that clobbers enemies multiple times. Unaffected by attack reflection.
Skill Go, Mini Beans!.png Go, Mini Beans! Active With each attack, Pink Bean's fan club members, the Mini Beans, come out and attack alongside Pink Bean. What great groupies!
Skill Pink Warrior.png Pink Warrior Active Pink Bean took a fancy to some goddess and imitated her to temporarily increase the stats of all party members.
It stacks with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, President's Orders, and Rhinne's Protection because imitation doesn't make one a goddess.
Skill Pink Pulverizer.png Pink Pulverizer Active Pink Bean's love for all things pink can be... dangerous. This knocks over a pink pillar to deal heavy damage. During cooldown, there's a chance for Mini Beans to come to your aid, and every time they attack it lowers the cooldown on this skill. Unaffected by attack reflection.
Skill Pink Shadow.png Pink Shadow Active Pink Bean looooooves making shadow pictures, and summons a pink shadow which copies its actions after a short delay. It doesn't copy some movement skills. It copies summoning and buff skills but they have no effect.
Pink Bean sometimes looks back and sees the shadow acting after some delay. Wait, can a shadow do that?
The shadow's attack is unaffected by attack reflection.
Skill Go, Pink Beans!.png Go, Pink Beans! Active Pink Bean is interested in moving through portals and keeps on opening new ones to random places. Sometimes someone familiar comes out of those portals.
There are still many devoted to following Pink Bean. Still as popular as ever.
Go, Pink Beans! is not affected by attack reflection.
Skill Pink Bean's Tutu.png Pink Bean's Tutu Active Ballerina Pink Bean dons a tutu and gives a twirl. That's some incredible centrifugal force! Strong enough to break through rocks, even.
Can move while using. Increases Damage, attack range, and Speed when used for longer than a certain length of time.
Cannot be copied by Pink Shadow.
Skill Twilight of Gods.png Twilight of Gods Active Pink Bean has taken a keep interest in the sculptures he saw while traveling through Maple World. Now he's recreated his visit to the Temple of Time.
Look at those masterfully-crafted sculptures! Wait, why are they moving? What the... Ahhh!
Twilight of Gods ignores damage reflection.
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