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Pink Bean is the first Monster Job in MapleStory. As a temporary job, it can be created for a limited time and is deleted on the players' account once the event has ended.[2]

Pink Bean is considered a Warrior, with the main stat being STR and can wear male warrior equipments. Pink Bean does not gain SP for skills, instead they are unlocked at specific levels.[3]


Pink Bean became bored in Bean World and was tricked by its rival, Black Bean, into coming to Henesys via a portal it made.[2]


  • Pink Bean job was originally an April Fool joke.[4]
  • There are many equips, both regular and Cash, based on Pink Bean. There is also a Pink Bean pet in the Cash Shop.
    • Players who played as Pink Bean were given prizes onto their other characters.[2]
    • Pink Bean is ineligible for most other events introduced and running during the same time.[2]
    • Pink Bean is restricted from many in-game elements, such as guilds and trading and entering Cash Shop.[2]
  • Pink Bean is the eleventh class who isn't a human, first being Mercedes , and followed by Demon , Kaiser , Angelic Buster , Xenon, Zero, Cadena , Illium and Ark .


Availability of Pink Bean/Job
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Removed Removed Removed Removed Removed Removed


  1. She shares voice actress with Fang (Female).
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