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Phantom (KR:팬텀) is one of the six Heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is a world-renowned Thief. Using a Cane as a primary weapon and a Card as a secondary weapon, Phantom has the unique ability to copy skills from Explorers (excluding Jett) and monsters.


The Six Heroes

Born a street urchin in Ariant, Phantom was taken under the wing of Raven, a famous thief who taught the boy everything he knew. After Raven was killed while defusing a bomb, Phantom carried on his legacy by stealing from the nobility he resented as a child. As stories of his exploits grew, Empress Aria, the ruler of Maple World, became intrigued by Phantom and wished to meet him, though she knew that he would never come to Ereve, as the kingdom had nothing worth stealing. In order to lure him out, she spread rumors of a gem called Skaia, which was said to glow in the hands of someone of the Empress’ bloodline. Just as she had planned, Phantom arrived to steal the gem, though he was accidentally caught in a magic trap. Hoping that he would listen to the problems she faced as the Empress, Aria freed him from the trap and helped him escape from the guards.

Phantom soon visited her again, but instead of stealing Skaia, he tried to convince her to give it to him, though Aria refused. This quickly became a game for them every night, where he would come to visit her under the pretense of stealing her treasure. Over time, they slowly fell in love and spent long nights speaking and enjoying each other’s company. Phantom was intrigued by Aria’s idealism and her pursuit of equality, which was so different from that of the other nobles he had encountered. One night, Aria told Phantom that the Black Mage had requested to send an envoy to Ereve in order to negotiate an end to the war. However, the conference was a trap, and Aria was killed by Lotus. Phantom rushed to Ereve upon hearing the news, but found that he was too late to prevent her death. A wounded Shinsoo entrusted Skaia to Phantom and asked him to safeguard it, unaware that it was merely a common gem with no magical properties.

Phantom was one of the many people who gathered at the Dragon Master's Tower, which was lit by Ryude and his band of soldiers in order to warn Maple World that the end of the world was approaching. Learning that Freud and several others had united to fight the Black Mage, Phantom approached Freud and requested to join the other Heroes in order to get his vengeance on the Black Mage.

During the last days of the war, Phantom and the other Heroes received a letter from the Demon, who planned to betray the Black Mage. The Heroes took the chance opportunity and stormed the Temple of Time. While Freud, Afrien, and Mercedes stormed the Black Mage's throne room, Phantom, Luminous, and the pirate hero took out the aerial forces with the Lumiere, after which they landed near the Black Mage’s throne room. After Luminous and Shade headed to reinforce the others, Phantom hunted down his true enemies: Orchid and Lotus. He engaged in a fierce battle against the twin Wing Masters and savagely attacked Lotus, putting him into a coma. As Phantom disappeared, Orchid vowed to revive Lotus and took his body away from the Temple of Time. Eventually, the remaining Heroes were successful in sealing the Black Mage, though he managed to unleash a curse upon the Heroes before he was sealed. Phantom and the other Heroes were expelled from the Temple of Time and fell back down to the burning forests of Leafre. Phantom attempted to flee Leafre, though he, his staff, and the Lumiere itself were all frozen and crashed somewhere near the Rien Archipelago.

The Seal Stone of Victoria Island

Around the time that Aran began to investigate the Seal Stones, Phantom awoke from the ice and began to reacquaint himself with the centuries of history he had missed by helping his intelligence network aboard the Lumiere collect information. He was then hired by Tru, who asked him to help recover the Seal Stone of Victoria Island. Although Phantom told Tru that the Seal Stone was useless while the Black Mage was sealed, he nevertheless helped Tru steal the Seal Stone.

Main Story

Exposing Hilla

Hilla attempts to prove that Cygnus is an imposter.

Not long after the First Continental Conference, Hilla made her move to destabilize the newly formed Alliance. Posing as a noblewoman, she publicly made a claim that she was the true heir to Ereve. With Shinsoo away for unknown reasons, an emergency Alliance conference was held in Ereve, where Hilla would testify for her right to the throne. Phantom, who had been largely underground since waking up from the ice, decided to publicly reveal himself for the first time in order to defend Aria’s heir. Together with his butler Gaston, they devised a plan to reveal Hilla’s treachery and save Empress Cygnus. On the day of the conference, the Lumiere anchored itself directly above the Knight’s Chamber while Phantom infiltrated Ereve, which was on high security, given the number of high-profile world leaders gathered in one place. He then disguised himself as a Noblesse and talked his way through the inner security. Hilla then appeared before the royal court and Neinheart began questioning her about her claims. In the crowd, Phantom hid himself and listened to the Senators discussing Hilla’s apparent ownership of Skaia, the treasure of Ereve.

Hilla began explaining the legend of Skaia, which was said to hold many powers, with one being that it glowed only in the hands of one descended from the Empress’ bloodline. Irena countered that there were no historical records of Skaia’s powers, but Hilla replied that the people of Ereve were the only ones in Maple World who had seen pictures of the gem, and so she claimed that their own knowledge of Skaia’s appearance would allow them to see that her gem was real. Hawkeye responded by saying that jewels could easily be forged, but Hilla countered by telling him that, as he hadn’t been alive centuries ago, his opinion on the validity of the gem was of no importance. She then argued that the reason Cygnus was so frail was because she was being overpowered by Shinsoo’s strength, as only a true Empress could handle Shinsoo’s power, insinuating that Cygnus had been stealing it for herself. Cygnus agreed that she was too weak to handle Shinsoo’s power and admitted that she had been frail ever since childhood. Shaken by Hilla’s argument, she began to doubt herself and told Neinheart that that she couldn’t ask the people of Maple World to fight on her behalf if she truly didn’t have any real authority or qualifications. Hilla then proposed a test to determine the true Empress and demonstrated that Skaia glowed in her hands, challenging Cygnus to see if it would glow in hers as well. When Skaia failed to glow in Cygnus’ hands, the Chief Knights reassured her that the legitimacy of the jewel itself was dubious, and that Shinsoo would reveal the truth when she returned. Neinheart added that the Alliance was the foundation for a new era in Maple World, and that Hilla could be scheming to place doubt on her position. Hilla lauded Cygnus for her wisdom despite her young age, but urged her to make the right decision and cede the throne.

Just then, Phantom appeared from the balcony and halted the proceedings. He began to systematically counter Hilla’s arguments one by one. First, he reminded the audience that Empress Aria had no children, with only a niece left to carry on her bloodline. Second, he countered Hilla’s claim about Cygnus’ frailty and explained that it was because only an adult Empress could fully accept Shinsoo’s power, which was why Cygnus remained so weak. Finally, he dismissed Hilla’s gem as a fake, revealing that the true Skaia was in his possession before jumping from the balcony before the astonished crowd. Hilla was utterly shocked at Phantom’s unexpected appearance, whereas Mercedes and Athena Pierce were overjoyed to see their old comrade return. Phantom casually threw a card to shatter the fake Skaia before unleashing a series of powerful skills to deter Hilla. Realizing that she had been beaten, Hilla shed her disguise and decided to back off, but not before warning them that Maple World was already in the Black Mage’s hands. As the crowd celebrated Phantom’s heroics, he approached Cygnus and immediately saw the resemblance between her and Aria. He then told her that he preferred her with a smile, something that he would tell Aria frequently, and vanished in a flash. After he disappeared, Cygnus found that Phantom had placed the real Skaia in her hands, thus returning it back to its rightful owner after centuries of safeguarding it.

Investigating the Black Wings

Back on the Lumiere, Phantom sighed in relief that it had only been Hilla he had faced and thought to himself that if any of the real Commanders had been there, he would have been in serious trouble. He then congratulated Gaston on a job well done, as his butler had used laser lights to trick Hilla and the audience into believing that the powerful skills Phantom had demonstrated were real. Gaston cautioned Phantom on provoking a Commander in his weakened state and suggested that he continue his training. However, Phantom soon returned to Gaston in a huff and complained about how difficult it was to fight while being weak. Gaston was amused and told Phantom that he had already taken the liberty of buying a potion that held accumulated strength. Though Phantom drank it all, he found that he had barely gotten any stronger. Gaston laughed and told him to take pride in his strength by training more. After another round of training, Phantom returned to complain to Gaston, who told him that Christiane, one of his intelligence gatherers, wanted to give him a report on her assignment.

At the information deck, Christiane told him that she had finished investigating the Black Wings and learned that a Black Wings member named Stephen was selling Black Wings hats. As her team hadn’t been able to learn much about the Black Wings’ actions, Christiane explained that she had obtained a hat and gave it to Phantom, hoping that he could learn more by infiltrating their ranks. In Edelstein, Phantom decided to get information from the watchmen in town. He first talked to Leonore, who mistook him for a grunt and ordered him to find her ring. After he recovered it, Leonore told Phantom that she had joined the Black Wings in order to get away from the people who had loaned her money to buy the ring. She herself wasn’t sure of what the Black Wings did, but she was glad to be away from the loan sharks. Next, he spoke to Wonny, who ordered him to tell Belle to take care of the Strange Signs. Belle told Phantom that the signs frightened her and begged him to take care of them in her place. After defeating them, he returned to Wonny, who had noticed that Phantom had done Belle’s job for her and told Phantom that helping the townspeople wasn’t something that a Black Wings member did. He told Phantom that he had lived in Edelstein for most of his life, and that he had seen good people turned into something they weren’t. He cautioned Phantom that being a Black Wings member meant being a scumbag and warned him to watch himself around the other Black Wings.

Phantom then went to see Bavan, who asked him to bring a Snake Leather Bag, after which he congratulated Phantom for trying to climb up the ranks, adding that he himself was hoping to reach the upper echelons of the organization in order to get the real benefits. Phantom quickly realized that none of the watchmen had any idea about the purpose of the Black Wings, though he felt that Bavan might know something about the upper ranks. However, Bavan merely dismissed Phantom as lazy, comparing him to Stephen, the one who sold counterfeit Black Wings hats. Phantom went to see Stephan, who offered to trade information in exchange for Batteries from the Patrol Robot S monsters. He then told Phantom that the high-ranking members of the Black Wings were rarely in Edelstein, as most were away on missions to collect resources and artifacts. He mentioned that it was possible to encounter the founder of the Black Wings, who was working to extract a great deal of energy from Edelstein, but added that the chances of meeting them was astronomical, and instead suggested that he speak to Le Tierre the secretary in order to learn more. Inside the Verne Mine, Le Tierre asked him to prove himself by defeating Safety First monsters. She then told him to wait inside a nearby room, where she would introduce him to the Black Wings officers in order to receive a promotion for his work. Inside, however, he found Black Wings henchmen waiting to ambush him. After defeating them all, he wondered what he had done to make Le Tierre suspicious, though he quickly dismissed the thought and returned to the Lumiere, where he asked Christiane to locate a Black Wings officer.

Francis the Puppeteer

Some time later, a member of the intelligence team named Colette informed Phantom that she had found a lead and told him to speak with Tru in Lith Harbor. Phantom remembered Tru from the time they had worked together to find the Seal Stone of Victoria Island and went to meet him at his shop. Tru greeted him and began reminiscing about their old adventure together, laughing that he never would have guessed at the time that Phantom was one of the legendary Heroes. Getting to the point, he told Phantom that he had been gathering information on the Seal Stones ever since their adventure. Phantom told Tru that he had heard that someone had almost stolen the Seal Stone of Victoria Island from Aran, but Tru explained that it had been difficult for Aran to protect both the Seal Stone of Victoria Island and the Seal Stone of Ereve.

He then told Phantom that he had been tracking Puppeteer Francis and discovered that he had made himself a hideout in the Golem Temple. Phantom infiltrated the hideout and attacked Francis, who was easily defeated. Francis began crying that he was taking a break from the Black Wings because he kept failing all his missions and getting beaten up all the time. Phantom demanded that Francis answer his questions, but when Francis refused, Phantom attacked him again and beat him into submission. When Francis began crying harder, Phantom realized that he couldn’t get any information out of Francis in his current state, and so he attempted to placate Francis by offering to fix the puppet he had broken by collecting Golem Cores. After repairing Francis’ puppet, Phantom asked him what the goal of the Black Wings was. Francis was dumbfounded and asked why Phantom had beaten him up, only to ask something that anyone on the street could have answered, and told him that the Black Wings were trying to revive the Black Mage. Phantom asked why reviving the Black Mage required extracting so much energy from Edelstein, to which Francis replied that he didn’t know much aside from what Le Tierre had told him about needing energy in order to revive the Black Mage. Phantom then asked why the Black Wings were collecting Seal Stones, as they should have been useless. Francis told him that they needed to collect all the Seal Stones in order to bring the Black Mage back, but Phantom grew irritated at his answer and told Francis to stop lying, explaining that the Seal Stones didn’t have that kind of power. Francis whimpered that he was telling the truth, as the information had come straight from the founder of the Black Wings.

When Francis refused to tell him any more, Phantom attacked him yet again, but even after being defeated, Francis refused to reveal the founder’s identity, though he accidentally let it slip that she was a woman. Phantom deduced that it couldn’t be Hilla, as the Black Wings weren’t skeletons, and that it couldn’t be Magnus or Guwaru since they were men. He deduced that the Demon wouldn’t have rejoined the Black Mage, Von Leon never left El Nath, and Arkarium was too old. Through the process of elimination, he came to a single conclusion: Lotus. Feeling a small bit of pity for Francis, Phantom brought him more Golem Cores for his troubles and then asked what Francis would do once the Black Mage returned. Francis told him that he would ask the Black Mage to make him the King of Ludibrium, allowing him to rule a kingdom of puppets, and vowed that he would recover the Seal Stone of Victoria Island in order to do so, claiming that he already knew where it was.

After Phantom left, he shook his head at the foolishness of the Black Wings in thinking that the Black Mage would share his power, as Phantom knew him to be a being who only sought the destruction of Maple World. He wondered why the Black Wings would want the Seal Stones, as they were only a safety net in case they couldn’t defeat the Black Mage. He was sure that Orchid must have known about their purpose and wondered whether she was using the Black Wings for her own purposes. Recalling how Francis had revealed that he knew where the Seal Stone of Victoria Island was, Phantom realized that Tru may be in danger and returned to Lith Harbor in order to warn him. He told Tru how he had beaten the information out of Francis and asked if the Seal Stone was still safe, to which Tru explained that he had given it to Aran to safeguard in Rien and promised to warn Lilin about a possible Black Wings attack, and that he would reach out if anything came up. Phantom then returned to the Lumiere and told Christiane what he had learned. Christiane suggested that if Orchid really was using the Black Wings for her own purposes, then they might be able to make a truce with the Black Wings. Phantom doubted that they could ever become allies, but Christiane reminded him that if the Black Wings executives were withholding such critical information, then it would only be a matter of time before the infighting started, which could be an opportunity for him to negotiate an alliance. Until then, she recommended that Phantom continue his training, as his future enemies would undoubtedly be stronger than Francis.

Second Job Advancement

After continuing his training, Phantom believed that he was strong enough to use some of his more powerful skills. Though he didn’t have a teacher anymore, he remembered that he had compiled notes from his original training and left them in secret vaults around Maple World. To get the skills he needed for his current strength, he entered his vault in Orbis. There, he found that the lock on his vault had remained untouched, making him disappointed in the thieves that had appeared over the centuries. Upon realizing that he didn’t have the key to unlock it, he broke the lock and entered his vault, where he began rummaging through some of his old treasures. He then found his notes and began reminiscing about his old teacher Raven, who had emphasized the importance of learning a skill twice in order to remember it, and wished that Raven would have taken his own advice and learned how to defuse a bomb twice, remembering it as a sad day for everyone.

A Favor for Marguerite

Soon after, one of Phantom’s maids, Marguerite, learned that he had given a lavish bag to Bavan and threatened to go on strike unless he brought her one as well. After finding another Snake Leather Bag, Phantom gave it to Marguerite, who thanked him and gave him an elegant chair as a gift.

Defending Rien

Soon after, Tru contacted Phantom about a mysterious ship sailing towards Rien. Though he had already warned Aran about it, he wanted to let Phantom know as well, in case she needed backup. Phantom rushed to Rien and defeated the Black Wings henchmen in town before finding Lilin and Aran. Lilin told Phantom that Aran had taken care of most of the invasion herself, though she thanked him nevertheless. When Phantom asked whether the Seal Stone was safe, Lilin explained that she had locked it up in the Rien Library. She then told Phantom that she wanted to ask him a question about the Heroes, which Aran couldn’t answer because of her amnesia. She asked if the people of Maple World knew that the Heroes existed, and that they were fighting the Black Mage. Phantom told her that they were very well-known and asked Lilin why she wondered such a thing. Lilin told him that she knew that they had to have been well-known, but given that that was the case, she asked him why the Heroes had been forgotten.

A surprised Phantom asked her to elaborate, and so Lilin explained that, despite the Heroes taking down one of the worst villains in Maple World, there wasn’t a single record of their victory, which she found strange, even after taking into account that it had happened centuries ago. She told him that the Rien Clan had a record of every feat and accomplishment of the Heroes, but the rest of the world had no knowledge of both the Heroes and the Black Mage, as though they had all been wiped from the history books. Phantom decided to look into it, claiming that even if someone had been erasing the Heroes from history for centuries, there had to be a few clues that they couldn’t have covered up. Before he left, he asked if she would be alright in Rien, to which Lilin explained that Rien was one of the safest places in Maple World between Aran and the penguin warriors defending it. She assured him that if things got too bad, she would give the Seal Stone of Victoria Island to the Alliance for safekeeping. Phantom then returned to the Lumiere and told Colette about what he had learned. Colette promised him that she would scour Maple World for any untampered record of the Heroes in order to investigate for clues.

The Seal Stone of El Nath

Soon after, Colette reached out to Phantom and told him that even after thoroughly investigating, she couldn’t find a single record of the Heroes. While she continued her search, she told him to seek out Alcaster in El Nath, who was ancient enough to have been able to remember the Heroes. Phantom went to see Alcaster, who told him that he had been living in El Nath for over 300 years. Though he hadn’t been born during the time of the Black Mage, he explained that his old teacher had lived during that era, and that he had told Alcaster about the legend of the Heroes. Alcaster added that ever since Cygnus had come to power, she had made the Heroes much more well-known, as they had been virtually forgotten before then. He also told Phantom that his master had left a diary in his laboratory, which might have more details about the Heroes, and sent Phantom to the fifth floor of Orbis Tower. While searching the laboratory, Phantom encountered Black Wings henchmen and managed to defeat them. Realizing that the diary was missing, he returned to Alcaster, who was surprised that the Black Wings had broken into the laboratory. He wondered why they would have taken the diary, as it held no information besides personal musings. Phantom asked if there was anything else in the laboratory that could have been of interest to the Black Wings, such as formulas, schematics, treasure maps, or jewels. Alcaster told him that the only jewel in the laboratory was a worthless gem that his master had referred to as a Seal Stone, explaining that he himself had found no use for it in his incantations or alchemy, and so he had left it alone. Phantom realized that the Seal Stone of El Nath was exactly what the Black Wings had been after, and that he had let it slip out of his hands.

Alcaster was surprised that the Black Wings would steal something so useless and believed that they might not have taken the diary after all. Phantom returned to the laboratory and successfully recovered it. He brought it to Alcaster, who realized that the diary was an incomprehensible mess. He lamented that he wouldn’t be able to tell Phantom more about the war 300 years ago, explaining that most people were unaware of the war, despite how all of Maple World once struggled under its influence. He added that it was only thanks to the efforts of people like Athena Pierce that peace returned back to the land. Phantom thought it surprising that the shy girl who had followed Mercedes into battle had grown up to become a great leader, though he also remembered that she had been helpful during the battle against the Black Mage. Alcaster told him that much had been lost when the war had descended upon them, and that the records of that time seemed to have vanished in flames, as though they were kindling for that unwanted battle. He mused that the war had taken much from the people, including the past, and hoped that the young would never have to face such horrors again.

Helios Library

Phantom returned to training around Maple World until Colette reached out to him again and suggested that he visit the library in Helios Tower, where every piece of text in Maple World was said to exist. She explained that if no record of the Heroes existed there, it would confirm that someone had been tampering with history. At the library, Wiz the Librarian told him that the records on the Black Mage and the Heroes were still in-house, but he warned that they wouldn’t be easy to find since unpopular books were usually relegated to the library vault. Phantom went to the vault to search for any books on the Heroes, but instead found several books on the shelf precisely burned in a way that left the other books untouched. Just then, Black Wings henchmen appeared and began to attack Phantom. After defeating them, he returned to the main library and told Wiz that someone had been burning his books. To his shock, however, Wiz began to attack him. After being beaten back to his senses, Wiz seemed to have no recollection of the past few minutes, as though his body had not been his own for a moment. Phantom remembered seeing something strange shooting out of Wiz when the librarian had been knocked out and wondered what sort of magic could cause someone to become possessed. Moreover, he wondered how, despite Helios Library having books on every topic in Maple World, a fire would start under the only books that pertained to the Heroes. Phantom was certain that someone was tampering with the history of Maple World, and that they seemed to be able to possess others. Though a seduction spell would be simple to control someone, Phantom noted that the entity had taken Wiz over from the inside. He returned to the Lumiere and told Colette everything he had learned, ordering her to switch focus from the historical records and instead look into whatever force had possessed Wiz.

Third Job Advancement

After the incident at the library, Phantom continued his training and soon grew strong enough that he decided to relearn some of his stronger skills. He went to his secret vault in Ariant, where he noted that the city was still the same desolate wasteland of rich oppressors that he had left behind centuries ago in order to become something more. At the entrance of the vault, he discovered dust and realized that someone had broken inside, as his vaults were airtight. There, he discovered Dust Dwarves and defeated them all in order to enter the vault. After finding his notes, he reminisced about the old days when he first devoted his life to taking down the rich, throwing away his old name and becoming Phantom for the sake of it all.

A Withered Lotus

Soon after, Colette contacted Phantom and told him that she had discovered that Wiz had been controlled through spirit possession, which allowed a soul to enter another person’s body, explaining that the strange entity that Phantom had seen fleeing the scene was likely a soul. She told him to go to Sleepywood and meet The Rememberer, who was an expert in spirit possession. The Rememberer was shocked to see what he described as an unholy terror on Phantom’s back and asked Phantom what he had gotten mixed up in, as there was a terrifying burden on his back invisible to Phantom. He told Phantom that he would make a charm to weaken the creature, explaining that Phantom would need to talk to it and make it go away. In order to help make the charm, Phantom entered the Cursed Temple and collected Tauromacis Blood. The Rememberer then crafted the charm and told Phantom to use it at a Shaman Rock. After Phantom activated the charm, he was teleported to a cave, where he found an unconscious Mu Young and the soul of Lotus hovering over him. Lotus greeted Phantom and explained that, though his body had remained comatose for centuries, his soul was able to roam free. Phantom told Lotus that he was surprised to see him alive after their battle at the Temple of Time. Lotus replied that he couldn’t die while knowing that Phantom and the other Heroes were running around free. He confirmed that he had been the one who had possessed Wiz, explaining that he had discovered the power after his soul had left his body. To demonstrate it once again, he possessed Mu Young’s body and began to fight Phantom. After being defeated, Lotus released Mu Young and commended Phantom for having regaining more of his strength.

Before Lotus left, Phantom asked if he had been the one erasing the Heroes from history. Lotus was amused that Phantom had discovered his scheme and told him that he had been erasing records of the Black Mage, with the Heroes’ erasure being incidental. Phantom asked what Lotus was planning, to which Lotus merely told him to figure it out himself. With that, Lotus disappeared and Phantom was sent back to Sleepywood. Phantom wondered whether Orchid knew that Lotus could possess people, though he was really interested in knowing why Lotus had been destroying historical documents. Though he briefly wondered whether Lotus had caused the war 300 years ago, he told himself not to jump to conclusions. Based on what he had learned, Phantom knew that Lotus’ physical body was comatose somewhere in Maple World, and so Phantom decided to destroy Lotus’ body in order to get rid of his soul. Knowing that he and Orchid were inseparable, Phantom surmised that they would still be close together, concluding that Lotus’ body was somewhere inside the Verne Mine. As there were too many enemies in the Verne Mine, Phantom told Christiane to analyze the Black Wings headquarters for weaknesses. As Christiane continued working, Phantom wondered whether the massive amounts of energy Orchid was harvesting was related to Lotus.

Soon after, Christiane contacted Phantom and told him that all the energy being harvested in Edelstein was coming from the Power Plant, which was being funneled into a single point inside the mine. She explained that there were rumors that Orchid’s room was deep inside the Power Plant and offered to look into it. Phantom told her that there was no need, as he would go himself in order to destroy Lotus. Christiane warned Phantom that it would be dangerous and cautioned him against charging into a zone full of enemies for an unsubstantiated rumor. Phantom told her that he had a gut feeling that there was something more to it, and reassured her that if Lotus wasn’t there, he would take down Orchid. Christiane told him that he was behaving strangely and rushing in without thinking, to which Phantom darkly told her that she didn’t know him as well as she thought, and that he would do what needed to be done. Phantom rushed to the Verne Mine and infiltrated the Power Plant. Past Orchid’s room, he found a hidden laboratory, where he discovered Lotus’ comatose body floating in a tank. Phantom mocked Lotus about how far he had fallen compared to the time when he and Orchid had ransacked Ereve. Though he admitted that he wasn’t one to attack a defenseless foe, he added that he was also smart enough to recognize an opportunity. Just as Phantom was about to kill him, Lotus’ soul possessed Phantom and seized control of his body. An amused Lotus asked Phantom whether his senses had been so dulled that he would fall for such an easy plot, musing that it was possible that Phantom had merely been fooling everyone into thinking that he was as clever as he claimed. He explained that possession was difficult to perform, as only the weak-minded were susceptible to his powers from a distance. Knowing this, he had manipulated Phantom into coming close to his body, where he could easily possess him. He told Phantom that he knew that he would fall for his trap, as once he had his sights set on revenge, he had a one-track mind that couldn’t see the bigger picture.

Driving Out the Demons

Phantom reunites with Aria's spirit

With that, Lotus forced Phantom to leave Edelstein and travel to Ereve. There, Lotus had Phantom approach the garden where Cygnus was resting. Phantom realized immediately that Lotus was planning on having him kill Cygnus, thus eliminating the leader of the Alliance and turning the world against him. Cygnus spotted Phantom and approached him, glad to have a chance to see him again after he stopped Hilla. Phantom struggled to remove Lotus’ hold on his body, but when he realized that he couldn’t stop himself, he desperately cried out for help. Just then, the soul of Empress Aria appeared, much to Lotus’ shock. She explained that, while she didn’t have the power to destroy him, she could drive him out of Phantom for good. With that, Phantom regained his senses, awakening to the sight of Aria’s soul. Aria gently scolded Phantom for being as bull-headed as ever, and for being so blinded by his quest for vengeance that he never bothered to move on with his life, reminding Phantom that he used to be smarter. She then told him that, as the Empress of Maple World, she wanted to thank him for everything he had done, explaining that she owed him a debt of gratitude that no one could begin to repay. But as a mere woman, she apologized to him for leaving him with such a heavy burden to carry. She likened him to an uncaged bird singing in the night when they had first met, though he was now trapped in a cage of unending conflict. However, she reminded him that neither of them asked for the fates they had been given and asked that there be no more apologies or sadness between them, as she was proud to leave Maple World in his hands. She added that her words weren’t meant just for him, but for Cygnus as well, and asked him to share them with her, as there was no future without her leadership. With that, she disappeared once more.

Reflecting on Aria’s words, Phantom was ashamed that, in spite of his talk that he wanted to follow in her footsteps, he was just using her cause as an excuse for taking revenge on Lotus and Orchid. He realized that it was the reason why he didn’t want to join the Alliance, as he knew that they wouldn’t approve of his goals. In the end, he realized that he wasn’t the kind of fighter they needed, and that he didn’t deserve to be called a hero. Despite it all, however, he knew that Aria still trusted him and realized that he couldn’t betray that trust. Cygnus then approached him and told him that she was glad to meet him again, adding that she was sure that he had his reasons for denying her the chance to thank him the last time they had met, though she also said that she had something important to tell him. She explained that, centuries ago, only five people were brave enough to stand up against the Black Mage, but in present day, there were hundreds willing to fight alongside him. She asked him not to carry the burden of the fight on his own, reminding him that he had allies if he was willing to trust them. Phantom conceded that Cygnus had a compelling argument, as the Alliance could have helped him during his last few missions. He agreed to join the Alliance, adding that they could benefit from the greatest thief in the history of Maple World.

Fourth Job Advancement

Soon after, Phantom decided that it was time to relearn his most powerful skills, and so he traveled to his vault in Leafre, which contained his most treasured possessions, though many were simple keepsakes. He approached the voice-activated Guardioso, which was unexpectedly unable to recognize Phantom’s voice and proceeded to attack him as an intruder. After destroying it, Phantom realized that its warranty had expired just the day before, meaning that he would need to spend another fortune in order to replace it. Nevertheless, he entered the vault and found his notes behind a magnificent portrait of Aria. He reminisced about his first encounter with Aria, when he had written her a letter in order to tell her that he would be coming to steal Skaia, claiming that it would be his greatest achievement. He fondly remembered how he had never thought that, rather than being a pushover, Aria had a will of steel that caused him to fall in love with her.

The Taste of Luxury

Shortly after having recovered his notes, Phantom decided that he wanted a mount in order to ride in style. As the only mounts centuries ago had been horses and large monkeys, he wanted something spectacular in order to show off his wealth in the modern age. He went to speak with Gaston about it, who revealed that he had already ordered a top-of-the-line car. However, because there had been some delays in its shipping, he recommended that Phantom check on the manufacturer in Magatia. There, he spoke with Bedin the Zenumist, who explained that he had accidentally broken the Lidium engine while installing it and sheepishly asked if Phantom could provide the sum to buy more Lidium, as he had spent all his money on the broken engine, promising to pay him back as soon as he could. After Phantom gave him the money, Bedin finished constructing the car and gave it to Phantom, who named it Rolls.

Final Quest

In celebration of Phantom’s return to full power, Gaston ordered a new car for Phantom called Royce, which was an upgraded version of his old car, Rolls. Soon after, Cygnus asked Phantom to visit her in Ereve and told him that, while organizing the things left behind by Empress Aria, she had found Aria’s diary and felt that Phantom ought to have it. Though most of the diary had been damaged, Phantom learned that Aria had also resented the selfish royals of Maple World and was glad to hear whenever Phantom targeted them. He was surprised to learn that she had wished to meet him, but as Ereve had no real treasures to offer, she had made up the rumor about Skaia in order to draw him out.

Meeting Shade

Shade, while attempting to meet Phantom, began to visit the thief's secret vaults. Phantom soon learned of an intruder entering his vaults and met Shade at his vault in Leafre. Unable to remember Shade, he began to fight what he assumed to be a common thief. After a small skirmish, Shade told Phantom that he was taking his joke too far. Phantom was confused by what he meant, to which Shade told him that Aria’s portrait would get ruined if they kept fighting. Phantom immediately put his guard up and asked how he knew about Aria. Annoyed, Shade told him that Aran had already played the memory loss card. Realizing that Shade knew Aran as well, Phantom asked if the Black Mage had sent him. Shade could tell from Phantom’s eyes that he truly didn’t recognize him, but he wondered how Phantom had only forgotten him and not Aria or Aran if he was also suffering from memory loss. Confused and hurt, he decided to retreat in order to figure out where everything had gone wrong.

Mirror World

While attempting to find the Goddess Teardrop in Mirror World Ariant, Alpha and Beta learned that Phantom was attempting to steal a large jewel from the Queen of Ariant. Alpha and Beta allied themselves with the Sand Bandits, who were planning to raid the palace, in order to find the Goddess Teardrop. On the night of the raid, however, they learned that Phantom had already stolen the jewel. After a small skirmish, they learned that Prime Minister Shah Mar was trapped in the burning palace. As they rushed to save him, Phantom disappeared with the jewel.

Black Heaven

The night before the operation, Phantom found Cygnus standing atop a cliff, gazing at the sky. Phantom noted that Cygnus seemed nervous and asked if she was afraid that the Alliance would lose. Cygnus reassured him that she was confident that they would win, and though she admitted that she was afraid of how many they might lose, she also knew that she couldn’t afford to show weakness as the Empress. Phantom told her not to burden herself with everything, telling her that her worried look didn’t suit her at all, preferring to see her more relaxed, which made Cygnus laugh. He told her that they could rest after the battle and promised to come back and see her, before disappearing in a flash.

During the Black Heaven operation, Phantom allowed the Alliance to use the Lumiere to fight Black Heaven. Lumiere was upgraded and outfitted with stronger weapons for the siege.

Heroes of Maple

Phantom in Heroes of Maple

Evan and Mir traveled to Magatia, where Phantom was planning to steal the Jewel of Magatia, in order to convince him to join them in their quest to carry out Freud's will. Though Phantom was initially hesitant, he ultimately decided to help Evan, curious to see whether the boy was truly Freud's successor. After Mercedes and Evan fell into a trap at the Sanctum of Abraxas, they were rescued by Phantom and Luminous, who continued deeper into the Sanctum with them. They eventually discovered the Eye of Abraxas, a massive airship, and used it to travel to Earth, where the Transcendence Stone lay hidden.

Phantom, Mercedes and Luminous in the credits

Mercedes, Phantom, and Luminous disguised as partygoers at the museum gala where the stone was being held and infiltrated inside, where they found the Transcendence Stone. However, Phantom and Luminous got into an argument and while Mercedes attempted to break it up, Damien appeared and stole the stone while they were distracted.

After returning to Maple World, Phantom and the other Heroes fought Damien, who had stolen the powers of the Transcendent of Life. After defeating him, they scattered Alicia's life force in order to save Maple World.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Empress Aria for Phantom.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Phantom is "Thief of Destiny".


After a large celebration party, Evan unexpectedly decided to visit Freud’s birthplace, where he found the other Heroes. Evan was surprised, as they had told him that they had ‘other stuff’ to do and sent him off like a child. Aran laughed and said that she had changed her mind, but that it was worth the trip to see the baffled look on his face. Mercedes told Aran not to make fun of Evan, as he did help them save the world. Luminous noted that it appeared as though they all had the same ‘stuff’ to do. Just then, Phantom appeared in a flash and saw that they had beaten him, though he declared that the star of the show always appeared last. Mercedes snapped that he was meant to be at another extravagant party, but Evan broke up the fight and said that with Phantom, all the Heroes were there, as well as himself. Phantom then told Evan not to discount himself, as he was one of them after helping save the world, which Mercedes agreed with. Phantom noted the irony of the grand Heroes who had defeated the Black Mage celebrating in an abandoned shack to mope about their long lost companion. Mercedes then suggested watching the moon and stars, visible from the broken roof. They wondered whether Freud ever watched the sky as they had, but Phantom pointed out that there likely hadn’t been a hole in the roof while he still lived there. Aran mentioned that she recalled how Freud had many holes in his roof, and that he had been too lazy to fix them. Shade countered that Freud was less lazy and more content with the feeling of a rundown cottage. The Heroes then looked back fondly on Freud and his eccentric ways. Soon after, they prepared to leave when Evan asked when they would see each other again. The Heroes reassured him that they were like family, and that they would see each other again at the next crisis, as they were Maple World’s greatest heroes.

Later the same evening that the Heroes had met at Freud’s house, Phantom decided to stop by Ereve. There, he watched as Neinheart found Cygnus wandering around the grounds. Neinheart asked if Cygnus wasn’t enjoying the celebrations, but Cygnus told him that she was happier than she had been in a long time. However, the sacrifices and lives lost during the war weighed heavily on her mind, and so she felt that it wasn’t right to celebrate. At the same time, she knew that she couldn’t mourn their losses that night and instead needed to put on a brave face for her people, as they needed to celebrate. Neinheart smiled and acknowledged her wisdom as Cygnus told him that it was time to return to the party. As they left, Phantom was happy to see what a strong leader she had become, after which he returned to the Lumiere. There, he met Gaston, who noted that Phantom was late. Phantom told him that he had an important stop to make and asked if the celebration preparations were ready. Gaston told Phantom that, as he had been out for a while, everyone had gotten started without him. Phantom smiled and said that he couldn’t fault them, as it had been a long time since they had reason to celebrate. Gaston asked if the important stop he had made was in Ereve, as Phantom always had a ruffled expression after visiting, asking what Cygnus had said. Phantom told him what he had witnessed, adding that he hadn’t spoken with her since it wasn’t the right time. After Gaston left, Phantom looked up at the moon and asked Aria if she was still up there watching over him. As petals fluttered around him, Phantom said that he like to believe that she was, and if so, he thanked her.


Wing Master

In the webtoon, his introduction was similar to his prologue, during the time he visits Aria to cheer her up for the upcoming conference. However, sensing something wrong, he rushed to the location, but was too late as Aria was killed. He tries to find any signs of life within her, but realized that she's gone, even Shinsoo told him about the trap.

During the Heroes' battle against the Black Mage, Freud and Phantom run through the hallways. Freud was able to do well physically despite his dragon partner Afrien flying outside the temple. When Freud brought up about Aria, Phantom changes the subject quickly, telling him that there's something he had to do and promises to catch up to him. Phantom then encounters Lotus, recognizing him as the one whom killed Aria. When Lotus calls him foolish of fighting the Black Mage just to avenge his love, Phantom finally snaps and gets serious in the battle. He manages to pierce Lotus with one of his blade skills, but a mistake of taking Lotus skill also damages him as Orchid stabs him. Despite his wounds, Phantom manages to survive before the curse took effect.

Job Advancements

1st Job Advancement

Given automatically upon reaching Level 10.

2nd Job Advancement

Upon reaching Level 30, accept the quest above Phantom's head, which will send you to the hidden portal at the top right of Cloud Park II. Head into the Treasure Vault and destroy the Lock before entering the room. Click on the portrait inside to achieve the 2nd Job Advancement.

3rd Job Advancement

Upon reaching Level 60, accept the quest above Phantom's head, which will send you to the Overlooked Area in Ariant. Head into the Treasure Vault and defeat all the Dust Dwarfs before entering the room. Click on the treasure chest inside to achieve the 3rd Job Advancement.

4th Job Advancement

Upon reaching Level 100, accept the quest above Phantom's head, which will send you to the Lush Forest in Leafre. Head into the Treasure Vault and destroy the Guardioso before entering the room. Click on the painting of Aria inside to achieve the 4th Job Advancement.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.



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  2. He shares voice actors with Arkarium (Heros of Maple), Penguin (Heros of Maple), Knights (Heros of Maple), and Gaston.
  3. Also provides the voice(s) of Alicia (Grand Athenaeum: Winter Bard), Illium (Female), and Agate.
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