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The Open Advancement system was introduced during Part 1 of the RED update. It allows Explorers, including Dual Blades and Cannoneers, to switch jobs in their class when reaching advancing to 4th job (level 100).

Features and Rules

  • Players must be an Explorer, at least level 101 and have made the 4th job advancement.
  • One can only change jobs once a day.
  • One can only change jobs in their specific class (e.g. a Paladin (Warrior) can switch to a Dark Knight (Warrior) but a Paladin cannot switch to a Dual Blade (Thief)).
  • All Skill Points are reset upon switching.
  • Mastery Books used before switching will be reset.
  • Ability Points will switch when a job uses a different stat (e.g. Buccaneer, whose primary stat is Strength, will switch to Dexterity upon changing to a Corsair).
  • A Link Skill is obtained if the target job has a Link Skill. However, when switched back, the Link Skill is lost (e.g. switching to Cannoneer provides its Link Skill but switching to Buccaneer or Corsair results losing said Link Skill).
    • After switching jobs, a Level 100 weapon box for that class is received.


Players can change jobs by either using one or more Job Advancement Coins, or paying a certain amount of mesos. The meso cost to job change increases with both your character's level and the number of times you have already job changed previously.