Icon Name Type Description
Skill Blessing of the Fairy.png Blessing of the Fairy Passive Grants 1 skill level for every 10 levels your highest level character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied.
Skill Empress's Blessing.png Empress's Blessing Passive For every 5 levels on your highest level Cygnus Knight or Mihile character, this skill will gain 1 Skill Point. Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing do not stack, so only the stronger skill will be active.
This skill can reach a max of Level 30, based on your Cygnus Knight or Mihile character's Noble Mind skill.
Skill Link Manager.png Link Manager Active Allows you to manage your Link Skills, either by sharing with other characters on your account, or by choosing which skills to use on this character.


Icon Name Type Description
Skill Legendary Spirit.png Legendary Spirit Active [Master Level : 1]
Uses the spirit of a legend to use a scroll on an item that cannot be normally equipped by the character.
This skill is no longer obtainable in Maplestory, but can still be used by players who have previously obtained it.
Skill Echo of Hero.png Echo of Hero Active [Master Level: 1]
Increases the Attack Power and Magic ATT of all nearby players.
Cooldown: 2 hrs
Skill Will of the Alliance.png Will of the Alliance Passive Strong force is released according to the Willpower of the Alliance
Skill Soaring.png Soaring Active [Master Level: 1]
Fly through the sky with the mysterious powers of the dragon race. You will take great damage if you fall.
This skills costs 90 MP to activate and consumes 1 MP per sec while active.
Skill Pig's Weakness.png Pig's Weakness Passive [Master Level: 1]
Increases damage by 10% when attacking monsters with the word Pig in their names.
Skill Stump's Weakness.png Stump's Weakness Passive [Master Level: 1]
Increases damage by 10% when attacking monsters with the word Stump in their names.
Skill Slime's Weakness.png Slime's Weakness Passive [Master Level: 1]
Increases damage against Slime monsters by 10%. Excludes the following enemies:
- Guardian Angel Slime
- Troublemaker Slime
- Romantic Slime
- Explosive Slime
- Gold Slime
- Halo Slime


Icon Name Type Description
Skill Three Snails.png Three Snails Active [Master Level : 3]
Hurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.
Skill Recovery.png Recovery Active [Master Level : 3]
Enables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec.
Skill Nimble Feet.png Nimble Feet Active [Master Level : 3]
Enables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time.
Skill Empress's Might.png Empress's Might Passive You can equip items with a higher level than your current level.
Skill Maple Return.png Maple Return Active Return to Maple Island.

Cygnus Knights

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Noble Mind.png Noble Mind Passive Enhances Empress's Blessing effects.
Skill Echo of Hero.png Hero's Echo Active [Master Level: 1]
Increases the Attack Power and Magic ATT of all nearby players.
Cooldown: 2 hrs
Skill Elemental Slash.png Elemental Slash Active Attack enemies in front of you with pure, primal energy.
Skill Imperial Recall.png Imperial Recall Active Return to the Empress using Shinsoo's power.
Skill Elemental Expert.png Elemental Expert Passive Become an expert of the elements to increase Attack Power and Magic ATT.
Skill Elemental Shift.png Elemental Shift Passive Jump in any direction except down by pressing a direction key and jump in midair.
Skill Cygnus Blessing.png Cygnus Blessing Passive The blessing of the awakened empress empowers the body to escape from danger.


Icon Name Type Description
Skill Decent Haste.png Decent Haste Active [Hidden Item Skill]
Increases your Speed and Jump for a set amount of time.
Skill Mystic Door.png Decent Mystic Door Active [Hidden Item Skill]
Generates a portal that leads to the closest town. You can enter and exit through the door as frequently as you wish until it disappears. Use the portal by pressing the Up Arrow button while standing on it.
Skill Sharp Eyes.png Decent Sharp Eyes Active [Potential Skill]
Allows you to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy.
Skill Hyper Body.png Decent Hyper Body Active [Potential Skill]
Increases Max HP and Max MP.
Skill Combat Orders.png Decent Combat Orders Active [Potential Skill] Temporarily increases all of your skill levels. Skills that have already reached master level are not increased.
Exceptions: Beginner skills and Combat Orders cannot be increased.
Skill Advanced Blessing.png Decent Advanced Blessing Active [Potential Skill]
Greatly increases your ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, Avoidability, Max HP, and Max MP. Reduces the amount of MP used when using skills. Can be stacked with other buff skills except for Advanced Blessing.
Skill Speed Infusion.png Decent Speed Infusion Active [Potential Skill]
Consumes HP and MP to increase your attack speed 1 level for a fixed period of time. It can be stacked with other buffs except Speed Infusion.
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