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Beginner is a character class in MapleStory. All new players who are in the category of Explorer start the game as Beginners on Maple Island. At level 8 or 10 (depends on which job you take), Beginners may make the first job advancement and become either a Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, or a Pirate. The game recommends beginners to make the advancement to a magician at Level 8, and Level 10 for the other first job advancements. Though Beginners are not considered one of the "main" character classes, some people choose to remain as a Beginner past the first, second, or even third job advancements. They do this for a variety of reasons, the main one being that it is a challenge to take a Beginner that far.


Permanent Beginners, also known as perma-beginners, are Beginners who choose not to make a job advancement. They get several perks, including cheaper taxi rides, no EXP-loss upon death, and plenty of respect. However, disadvantages to being a perma-beginner include having less HP and MP (Health and Mana Points), lack of skills, and very limited access to equipment. Their build is similar to that of a Warrior's so they rely mostly on melee weapons, but they will also never hit as high as most warriors. It is hard to level up as a perma-beginner since a majority of quests are job-restricted, and it is harder to take down most monsters than other characters. Nonetheless, plenty of players are proud to be Beginners.


Islanders are a special "class" of beginners, that spend the majority of their lives residing on Maple Island. These characters not only choose not to job advance, but they also choose not to leave the island. As such, it is even harder for these characters to level. Quests are few, and they must rely on seasonal events to gain new equipment and exp. They must also be able to count on their friends to send them equipment, items, and other materials. Monster variety is VERY limited; the highest level monsters they can fight are Pigs and Orange Mushrooms. Most Islanders quit at level 20-ish.

Noblesse (Knight of Cygnus)

Noblesse are special Beginners (child) that are related to a previous character (parent) that has an additional skill call "Blessing of the Sprite" which buff up the character using the power of the sprite that make a character's (child) level rises 10, 1 skill point goes up for the connected character (parent). Noblesse as have special Job classes exclusive for them such as: Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, and Thunder Breaker also they max out their levels at level 120.

Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes are unique that the character's class is that of the chosen Legendary Hero. Legends are the beginner for the Aran class. Legends exist as Arans who haven’t rediscovered any of their powers yet. While they share the same skills available to normal Beginners, there is a non marked skill which allows the class to hit more than one monster at a time while using a Pole Arm weapon. They also disregard the attack speed of Pole Arm weapons, granting them all the same speed.

Citizen (Resistance)

Citizen is a special beginner class, they were born in Edelstein, and they become a Resistance after making the job advancement.

Job and Skills

Class Beginner.png Novice Skill Macro Test.png Manager Skill Macro Test.png Operator Skill Banner of Plenty I.png Guild Skills Skill Monster Riding.png Miscellaneous Skills


Class Warrior.png Warrior Class Magician.png Magician Class Bowman.png Bowman Class Pathfinder.png Pathfinder Class Thief.png Thief Class Dual Blade.png Dual Blade
Class Pirate.png Pirate Class Cannoneer.png Cannoneer Class Dragon Warrior.png Zen Class Jett.png Jett

Cygnus Knights

Class Warrior.png Dawn Warrior Class Magician.png Blaze Wizard Class Bowman.png Wind Archer Class Thief.png Night Walker Class Pirate.png Thunder Breaker
Class Mihile.png Mihile


Class Aran.png Aran Class Evan.png Evan Class Mercedes.png Mercedes Class Phantom.png Phantom Class Luminous.png Luminous Class Shade.png Shade


Class Blaster.png Blaster Class Battle Mage.png Battle Mage Class Wild Hunter.png Wild Hunter Class Mechanic.png Mechanic Class Demon Slayer.png Demon Class Xenon.png Xenon


Class Kaiser.png Kaiser Class Angelic.png Angelic Buster Class Cadena.png Cadena Kain


Class Illium.png Illium Class Ark.png Ark Class Adele.png Adele


Class Hayato.png Hayato Class Kanna.png Kanna


Class Hoyoung.png Hoyoung

Child of God

Class Zero.png Zero


Skill Pink Powerhouse.png Pink Bean

Beast Tamer

Class Beast Tamer.gif Chase


Class Kinesis.png Kinesis

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