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Skill Mystic Door.png Mystic Door

  • Class: Priest
  • Type: Active
  • Maximum Level: 10
Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town. All members of the party can use it multiple times until the portal disappears. Press Up Key to move.
Required Skill: Dispel Lv. 3
Level MP #mpCon, Portal Duration: #time sec
1 MP 240, Portal Duration: 20 sec
2 MP 220, Portal Duration: 40 sec
3 MP 200, Portal Duration: 60 sec
4 MP 180, Portal Duration: 80 sec
5 MP 160, Portal Duration: 100 sec
6 MP 140, Portal Duration: 120 sec
7 MP 120, Portal Duration: 140 sec
8 MP 100, Portal Duration: 160 sec
9 MP 80, Portal Duration: 180 sec
10 MP 60, Portal Duration: 200 sec

Skill Mystic Door.png 미스틱 도어

  • Class: Priest
  • Type: Active
  • Maximum Level: 10
가장 가까운 마을로 통하는 포탈을 만든다. 파티원만 문이 사라질 때까지 몇 번이고 드나들 수 있다. 포탈 위에서 ↑키를 누르면 이동.
필요 스킬 : 디스펠 3레벨 이상
Level MP #mpCon, #time초간 포탈 지속
1 MP 240, 20초간 포탈 지속
2 MP 220, 40초간 포탈 지속
3 MP 200, 60초간 포탈 지속
4 MP 180, 80초간 포탈 지속
5 MP 160, 100초간 포탈 지속
6 MP 140, 120초간 포탈 지속
7 MP 120, 140초간 포탈 지속
8 MP 100, 160초간 포탈 지속
9 MP 80, 180초간 포탈 지속
10 MP 60, 200초간 포탈 지속

Skill 0th Job.png Novice: BeginnerBeginnerBeginner
ClassArtwork Magician (Awake, Female).png
Skill 1st Job.png I: MagicianMagicianMagician
Skill 2nd Job.png II: Wizard (Fire, Poison)Wizard (Ice, Lightning)Cleric
Skill 3rd Job.png III: Mage (Fire, Poison)Mage (Ice, Lightning)Priest
Skill 4th Job.png IV: Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)Arch Mage (Ice, Lightning)Bishop
Skill Hyper.png Hyper: Arch Mage (Fire, Poison) (Ice, Lightning)Bishop
V: Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)Arch Mage (Ice, Lightning)Bishop
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