Music plays a very important role in the game of MapleStory. Also known as BGM, it helps establish the mood for various maps and settings. This article allows you to listen and download the music that is in the game of MapleStory. All the music here were converted to Ogg Vorbis format so that it meets the wiki's upload requirements.

Originally, the soundtrack was known to be composed by CODASOUND, then until 2007, Studio EIM (Youtube) composed the music. From Heroes of Maple and currently, ASTERIA, the composing and mixing division from NECORD, is composing the music. From RISE and currently, ESTIMATE (Youtube) also composes the music.


Name Player Played in
SleepyWood Sleepywood
FloralLife Henesys
GoPicnic Henesys Market
Nightmare Perion
RestNPeace Henesys Southern Fields
DragonDream Evan Tutorial
Silence Cutscenes


Name Player Played in
AncientMove Sleepywood: Drake Cave and Ant Tunnel Square
MoonlightShadow Ellinia
WhereTheBalrogFrom Unused
CavaBien Henesys Northern Fields
HighlandStar Perion: Burnt Land
BadGuys Kerning City


Name Player Played in
MissingYou Ellinia Tree Dungeon
WhenTheMorningComes Ellinia
EvilEyes Sleepywood: Cursed Temple
JungleBook Kerning City: Swamp Region
AboveTheTreetops Lith Harbor


Name Player Played in
Subway Kerning City: Subway
Elfwood Unused
BlueSky Henesys: Dreamy Forest Trail
Beachway Unused
SnowyVillage El Nath


Name Player Played in
PlayWithMe Internet Cafe
WhiteChristmas Happyville (KMS)
UponTheSky Victoria - Orbis Ship
ArabPirate Victoria - Orbis Ship (Crimson Balrog)
Shinin'Harbor Orbis
WarmRegard El Nath Outskirts
WhiteChristmas_ Unused
WhiteChristmas Happyville


Name Player Played in
WolfWood El Nath: Dead Mine (Cliffs)
DownToTheCave Unused, duplicate of AncientMove
AbandonedMine El Nath: Dead Mine
MineQuest Zakum Pre-quest
HellGate El Nath: Dead Mine (Caves of Trial)
Showa: The Secret Spa


Name Player Played in
FinalFight Zakum Boss Fight (old)
Played when Yakuza Boss and his bodyguards are summoned in Showa Town
WelcomeToTheHell Zakum's Altar
ComeWithMe Orbis Tower
FlyingInABlueDream Orbis - Ludibrium Ship
FantasticThinking Ludibrium


Name Player Played in
WaltzForWork Ludibrium: Toy Factory
WhereverYouAre Ludibrium: Clocktower and Deep Inside the Clocktower
FunnyTimeMaker Eos Tower (Inside) and Helios Tower
HighEnough Eos Tower (Outside)
Fantasia Dimensional Crack


Name Player Played in
LetsMarch Omega Sector
ForTheGlory Omega Sector: Silo
FindingForest Unused
LetsHuntAliens Omega Sector: Boswell Field
PlotOfPixie Remnant of the Goddess: Papa Pixie Boss Battle


Name Player Played in
DarkShadow Dimensional Crack
TheyMenacingYou Dimensional Crack: Alishar Boss Battle
FairyTale Warped Path of Time
FairyTalediffvers Warped Path of Time
TimeAttack Papulatus Boss Battle


Name Player Played in
Timeless Forgotten Path of Time
TimelessB Forgotten Path of Time
BizarreTales Warped Passage
TheWayGrotesque Forgotten Passage
Eregos Ergoth's Leitmotif/Theme (old), Arcanus Boss Battle


Name Player Played in
BlueWorld Aquarium Fields
Aquarium Aquarium
ShiningSea Shallow Sea
DownTown Korean Folk Town
DarkMountain Black Mountain


Name Player Played in
AquaCave Aquarium Dungeon
DeepSee Aquarium Dungeon
WaterWay Sharenian Culvert
AcientRemain Perion: Excavation Site
RuinCastle Perion: Military Camps
Dispute Magatia


Name Player Played in
CokeTown Coke Town
Leafre Leafre
Minar'sDream Leafre
AcientForest Leafre
TowerOfGoddess Remnant of the Goddess, Ellinel Fairy Academy storyline
FightSand Ariant Coliseum


Name Player Played in
DragonLoad Leafre
HonTale Horntail Boss Battle
CaveOfHontale Leafre's Cave of Life
DragonNest Dragon Canyon
Ariant Ariant
HotDesert Ariant
DragonRider Dragon Rider
HotDesert Unused


Name Player Played in
MureungHill Mu Lung
MureungForest Mu Lung Fields
WhiteHerb Herb Town
Pirate Red-Nose Pirate Den
SunsetDesert Ariant
Nautilus Nautilus
inNautilus Nautilus
ElinForest Ellin Forest
PoisonForest Forest of Poison Haze and Ellin Forest's Fairy Forest
QueensHideout Ephenia Boss Battle
ElinCave Rocky Mountain Cave
DeepCave Chao Boss Battle
Coco Island Coco Island


Name Player Played in
TimeTemple Temple of Time
Remembrance Memory Lane
Repentance Road of Regrets
Forgetfulness Road to Oblivion
Duskofgod Deep Place of Temple
FightingPinkBeen Pink Bean Boss Battle
RustyThrone Azwan
InWartime Azwan Fields
RedWitch Hilla Boss Battle


Name Player Played in
MureungSchool1 Mu Lung Dojo
MureungSchool2 Mu Lung Dojo
MureungSchool3 Mu Lung Dojo
MureungSchool4 Mu Lung Dojo
secretFlower The Secret Garden
EvolvingWorld Evolution System
GoldBeach Gold Beach


Name Player Played in
QueensGarden Ereve
DrillHall Ereve Drill Hall
BlackWing Black Wings' Leitmotif/Theme
RaindropFlower Ereve Fields
WolfAndSheep Event
Injustice Cutscenes


Name Player Played in
RienVillage Rien
SnowDrop Rien Eastern Fields
BambooGym Rien Training Ground
CrystalCave Mirror Cave
MushCatle Mushroom Castle (old)
FlytotheMoon Lumiere
DancingWitnTheMoon Lumiere - In Flight


Name Player Played in
NetsPiramid Nett's Pyramid
NetsPiramid2 Unused
UnderSubway Unused
UnderSubway2 Unused
GhostShip Unused


Name Player Played in
KerningSquare Kerning Square Lobby
KerningSquareField Kerning Square Fields
KerningSquareSubway Kerning Square Subway
TeraForest Neo City
2021year Neo City
2099year Neo City
2215year Neo City
2230year Neo City
2503year Neo City
LoversIntheAfternoon Kerning Tower


Name Player Played in
EdelsteinCity Edelstein
NationalPark Edelstein Fields
PowerStation Power Plant
GelimerLab Gelimer's Lab
UndergroundPlace Secret Plaza
LowGradeOre Rocky Road
DespairOnDevil Demon Slayer Tutorial
DecisiveBattle Demon Slayer Tutorial, Leafre of Past
LowGradeOre Used in the JMS website for introducing Big Bang


Name Player Played in
BlizzardCastle Lion King's Castle
CrimsonTower Roof of Castle Tower and Rose Garden
LionHeart Von Leon Boss Battle
MPBonusMap Unused
CastleOutSide Unused
CastleInside Unused
CastleBoss Unused


Name Player Played in
KreaseField Xerxes in Chryse
KreaseAgit Xerxes in Chryse
KreaseColosseum Xerxes in Chryse: Xerxes Boss Battle
battleEntrance Unused
battleBGMTypeA Unused
battleBGMTypeB Unused
battleBGMTypeC Unused
battleBGMTypeD Unused
monsterPark Monster Park
battleChipi Unused


Name Player Played in
profession Ardentmill
timeGate Gate to the Future
destructionTown Henesys Ruins
knightsStronghold Dark Ereve
CygnusGarden Cygnus Boss Battle
WindAndFlower Elluel
FlowerInBlue Mercedes Tutorial
SoundOfElf Quest
CrackOfDimension Dimensional Schism
AltarOfAkayrum Arkarium Boss Battle
destructionPerion Unused
destructionPerionShelter Twilight Perion
destructionPerion Twilight Perion Fields


Name Player Played in
FinalFight Luminous Tutorial
DarkMage Black Mage's Leitmotif/Theme
SpeakInTheVoid Luminous Tutorial
PeacefulWoods Luminous Tutorial
Flood Luminous Tutorial
BurningWoods Luminous Tutorial
Serenity Harmony
DarkWoods Quest


Name Player Played in
Pantheon Pantheon
GreatTemple Pantheon Temple
PantheonField Pantheon
NovaSanctum Sanctum
BaseOfBetrayers Hideout
StepOfKaiser Kaiser Tutorial
TrappedKaiser Kaiser Tutorial
BorderArea Pantheon Borders
AngelsRoom Angelic Buster's Room, also played when Superstar Spotlight is active (GMS only)


Name Player Played in
helisiumField Heliseum City
helisiumWarcry Tyrant's Castle
funkyBlackmarket Heliseum Black Market
helisiumMysticforest Heliseum Forest
trinityForce Treglow, Victor, and Velderoth Boss Battles
retake Heliseum Reclamation HQ
citadelofTyrant Tyrant's Castle
thefinalWar Magnus Boss Battle
thefinalWar Unused


Name Player Played in
YggdrasilPrayer Root Abyss
TimeChaos Von Bon Boss Battle
JoyfulTeaParty Pierre Boss Battle
QueenPalace Crimson Queen Boss Battle
AbyssCave Vellum Boss Battle and Neglected Garden
banbantime Von Bon Boss Battle: Entry


Name Player Played in
thePhoto Xenon questline
pulseResonance Beryl battles
fromUndertoUpper Xenon questline
underside Xenon questline
inAllVerity Veritas
5thSpotLightFlyAway Angelic Buster Skill: Superstar Spotlight (not in GMS)


Name Player Played in
itsmonsterslife Monster Life
itsmonsterslife2 Monster Life
scholarsLibrary Monster Life
specialtyStore Monster Life
specialtyStoreRemix Monster Life
journey Monster Life
fadedCitadel Crimsonheart Castle


Name Player Played in
TheRaiders Stone Colossus
TheRush Survivalism event
TheLivingMountain Stone Colossus Body
TheColossalHeart Stone Colossus Innards


Name Player Played in
NastyLiar Zero questline
ShadowTemple Zero questline
BeBornZero Zero's Temple
ShadowKnight Zero questline
SmileZero Zero questline
DisputeInMirror Mirror World Magatia
AriantInMirror Mirror World Ariant
Labyrinth of Suffering questline
EdelsteinCityInMirror Mirror World Edelstein
FantasticThinkingInMirror Mirror World Ludibrium
TimeTempleInMirror Mirror World Temple of Time
FloralLifeInMirror Mirror World Henesys
LeafreInMirror Mirror World Leafre
MureungHillInMirror Mirror World Mu Lung
RedRoom Zero questline


Name Player Played in
TheFairyForest Ellinel Waterfront
TheFairyAcademy Ellinel Fairy Academy
MoleKingRises Moleking
GlacierAdventure Riena Strait
Sailing Rien - Riena Strait Ship, Adele storyline
MapleLeaf Maple Island (RED Update)
WoundedLeaf Destroyed Maple Island
AgainstTheDark Cutscene
GoFight!ShowYourEnergy! Spirit of Maple World Appears
DimensionLibrary Grand Athenaeum
TheStormyForest Grand Athenaeum Chapter 1: The White Mage
TheAurora Grand Athenaeum Chapter 1: The White Mage


Name Player Played in
Hekaton Hekaton Boss Battle and Morass: That Day in Trueffet
InRuinInVain Kritias
StopInEnds Kritias (Invasion)
StopInHundreds Kritias
TragicForest Kritias Fields
TragicRestart Kritias Fields (Invasion)


Name Player Played in
decision Shade tutorial
Dominion Night Walker Skill: Dominion
foxvillage Fox Point Village
HappyTimeLong Event
HappyTimeShort Bonus stage after an Elite Boss is defeated
RoyalGuard Elite Boss Battle
sadfoxvillage Fox Point Village


Name Player Played in
AmusingStoryInTheFairyTale Tower of Oz Boss Battles
HazardFromCave Tower of Oz
JungleInTheSea Tower of Oz
StrangeSortOfStory Tower of Oz
TheBottomOfTheSea Tower of Oz resting spots
VentureIntoTheUnkown Tower of Oz entrance


Name Player Played in
battlefield FriendStory Dust Zones
HollowAttack Old Shinsoo International School building
LifeIsComedy FriendStory
MushroomCastle Revamped Mushroom Castle
SchoolLife Shinsoo International School
UrbanStreet FriendStory
VikingShip Mushroom Castle - Viking Ship
VikingSkipper Black Viking's Quarters
WarMushCastle Mushroom Castle walls


Name Player Played in
StarPlanetWaitField Star Planet
StarPlanetGameField Star Planet
StarPlanetMainEvent Star Planet
TodaysFortune Star Planet
StarPlanetWorldEvent Star Planet
InvitavionStarplanet Star Planet
MasterOfKeyBoard Star Planet
VirtualArena Star Planet


Name Player Played in
SecretMission Black Heaven storyline
SecretMissionBase Black Heaven storyline
RabbitsDream Black Heaven storyline
BattleOnTheDeck Black Heaven storyline, Scrapyard, Legion raid battle
TheDollMaster Black Heaven storyline
JunkYard Black Heaven storyline and Scrapyard
BlackHeavenTheme Black Heaven storyline
BlackHeavenTheme_parade Black Heaven storyline
HeroComes Black Heaven storyline


Name Player Played in
Gravity Core Lotus Boss Battle: Phase 1
Gravity Lord Lotus Boss Battle: Phase 2
Gravity Lord Rise Lotus Boss Battle: Phase 3
BigMachine Black Heaven storyline and Scrapyard
BigMachine_mission Black Heaven storyline and Scrapyard
HeavenAgain Black Heaven storyline
PromiseOfHeaven Black Heaven storyline
PromiseOfHeaven_vocaless Black Heaven storyline
HeavenAgain Black Heaven storyline
Haven Theme Scrapyard: Haven


Name Player Played in
TheBeast Bounty Hunt
TheBeast2 Bounty Hunt
Demon's eye
Demon's eye2
Catch Your Dreams! intro FriendStory Chapter 6 performance
Catch Your Dreams! play FriendStory Chapter 6 performance
Catch Your Dreams! full FriendStory Chapter 6 performance
Catch Your Dreams! vocaless FriendStory Chapter 6 performance


Name Player Played in
monsterWorld Event
TresureGameMulti Event
TresureGameSingle Event
Kinesis Theme I Kinesis storyline
Kinesis Theme II Kinesis storyline
Kinesis Theme Skill Kinesis Skill: Mental Overdrive
Skyscraper City Center (Seoul Main Street)
Unknown Part Of City Kinesis storyline
This too shall pass away Korean Folk Town questline
Unexpected crisis Korean Folk Town questline
Welcome To The Creepy Ghost Park Ghost Park
Dancing With Ghosts Ghost Park


Name Player Played in
SheSellsALuckyThing Ursus entrance map
TheKingOfDestruction Ursus battle (1st phase)
TheSilentWar Ursus battle (2nd phase)
WildFury Ursus battle (3rd phase)
Desperately Ursus battle (4th phase)
DragonTigerField Gold Dragon Dojo and Red Tiger Dojo (KMS event)
DragonTigerDungeon Gold Dragon Dojo and Red Tiger Dojo (KMS event)
Kecon_KR Momijigaoka (KMS event)
Momijigaoka_KR Momijigaoka (KMS event)
InsideHonnouji_KR Momijigaoka (KMS event)
MomijiNoSakamichi_KR Momijigaoka (KMS event)
Hieijan_KR Momijigaoka (KMS event)
Hieijan_nohime_KR Momijigaoka (KMS event)


Name Player Played in
Heroes Of Maple Theme Heroes of Maple storyline
Heroes Of Maple Theme Piano Heroes of Maple storyline
Through The Blizzard Heroes of Maple storyline
Showtime! Heroes of Maple storyline
Army Of Fears Theme Heroes of Maple storyline
Pain And Sorrow Heroes of Maple storyline
Dark World Tree: Deserted Camp
Moonbridge storyline
Ereve: Genesis Weapon questline
Anthem For Heroes Heroes of Maple storyline
Timeless Beholder Heroes of Maple storyline
Time Is Gold Heroes of Maple storyline
Endless Journey Heroes of Maple storyline
God Of Control - Lobby Heroes of Maple storyline
God Of Control - Stage Heroes of Maple storyline
Jazz For Dr Lim Heroes of Maple storyline
The Devil Is Coming Heroes of Maple storyline
Climbing Up The WorldTree Heroes of Maple storyline and Dark World Tree
Pain To Hope Heroes of Maple storyline
Travelers Heroes of Maple storyline
Demian Damien Boss Battle: Phase 1
Demian Spine Damien Boss Battle: Between Phases
Demian True Damien Boss Battle: Phase 2


Name Player Played in
Volcanic Zone Of Extinction Vanishing Journey: Extinction Zone
Lake Of Oblivion Vanishing Journey: Lake Of Oblivion
Cave Of Rest Vanishing Journey: Cave of Repose
ChewChew MainTheme Chu Chu Island
ChewChew WildWorld Chu Chu Island: Eree Valley and Skywhale Mountain
LachelntheIllusionCity Lachelein
ClockTowerofNightmare Lachelein: Nightmare Clocktower
WierldForestIntheGirlsdream Lucid Boss Battle: Phase 1
BrokenDream Lucid Boss Battle: Phase 2


Name Player Played in
GoGoRangers! Omega Sector questline
DancesWithAliens Omega Sector: Inside the Mothership
VacuumCleaner Unused
TheTuneOfAzureLight Arcana
TheTuneOfAzureLight2 Arcana
ArcanaBoss Arcana
SavageTerminal Savage Terminal
HuntingGround Savage Terminal
MrHazard Savage Terminal: Mr. Hazard's Lair
AsylumAmbience Sanctuary
AsylumPiano Sanctuary
Asylum Sanctuary
CrystalAcademia Sanctuary: Crystal Academy
DeathOfAsylum Sanctuary
DeathOfAsylumChoir Sanctuary
DeathOfAsylumChoirExtended Sanctuary
IlliumRebirth Sanctuary
AsylumAmbiencePiano Sanctuary


Name Player Played in
Nowhere Grand Athenaeum Chapter 4: Winter Bard
WayBackHome Grand Athenaeum Chapter 4: Winter Bard
noname Grand Athenaeum Chapter 4: Winter Bard
ForgottenNames Grand Athenaeum Chapter 4: Winter Bard
gloryWing Illium Skill: Crystal Skill - Wings of Glory
MemoryOfKritias Morass: Trueffet Area
SwampOfMemoryMoras Morass: Coral Forest
BlackDungeon Morass: Dungeon
OverTheClouds Fox Valley: Beyond the Clouds
OverTheClouds_RhythmicVer Fox Valley: Beyond the Clouds (quest)
EveningPrimrose Grand Athenaeum Chapter 5: Shadow Alchemist
Title Original Server Select
VerdelTown Verdel
VerdelField Verdel: Sandstorm Zone
VerdelDungeon Verdel: Desert Cavern
Doomsday_FULL Verdel: Ravaged Base Remnants
Doomsday_LOOP Ark questline
Memory Ark questline
Outpost Maple Alliance Outpost


Name Player Played in
SoupOfLife Esfera: Living Spring
ConteminatedSea Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea
TempleInTheMirror Esfera: Radiant Temple
Diffraction Will Boss Battle: Phase 1
MirrorCage Will Boss Battle: Phase 2
BloodCage Will Boss Battle: Phase 3
WarCloud Moonbridge: Last Horizon
StrangeFog Moonbridge: Mysterious Fog
WaveofEmptiness Moonbridge: Void Current
FerociousBattlefield Giant Monster Gloom Boss Battle
DuskHallucination Giant Monster Gloom Boss Battle
FerociousBattlefield_loop Tenebris cutscenes
FerociousBattlefield_ShortEdit Tenebris cutscenes
FerociousBattlefield_RiserEdit Tenebris cutscenes
SecretLabyrinth Labyrinth of Suffering: Interior
EternalSwamp Labyrinth of Suffering: Core
HeartofSuffering Labyrinth of Suffering: Deep Core
DepthOfPain Verus Hilla Boss Battle


Name Player Played in
TearsOfTheWorld Limina: World's Sorrow
BlackFury Limina: Orchid's Leitmotif/Theme
SubterminalPoint Guard Captain Darknell Boss Battle, Ergoth's Leitmotif/Theme (new)
TheWorld'sEnd Limina: End of the World and Ship Deck
TempleOfDarkness Black Mage Boss Battle: Phase 1
ThroneOfDarkness Black Mage Boss Battle: Phase 2
WorldHorizon Black Mage Boss Battle: Phase 3
LostSpace Black Mage Boss Battle: Phase 4
NewBeginningNotTheEnd End of Tenebris Storyline


Name Player Played in
LosGurugers Savage Terminal: Polluted Sewer
SecretElodin Elodin Forest
LuensHouse Elodin: Ruenna's House
TheVillageOfKarupa Partem: Karuppa Town
ThePartemRuins Partem: Partem Ruins
Pathfinder Pathfinder Theme
battleHorizonTheme Battle Horizon (event), Midnight Hunt
MapleSquadS1 Immortal Gorgons (event)
PathfinderRelicEvolution Pathfinder Skill: Awakened Relic


Name Player Played in
LiberatedEdelsteinCity Aftermath: Resistance
JourneyMusicBox Aftermath: Heroes
Borderless Convergence (Borderless)


Name Player Played in
RidingOnTheClouds Hoyoung's Leitmotif/Theme (Hoyoung storyline: obtaining Nimbus Cloud)
RidingOnTheCloudsGodComing Hoyoung Skill: Sage: Wrath of Gods
SeonYuSan Hoyoung storyline: Mt. Songyu (선유, Seonyu)
CheongUn Cheong-woon (청운, Cheongun)
CreepyTemple Cheong-woon Valley: Handsome Monk's Temple
SeaWave Cernium: Rocky Overlook
TheHolyLand Cernium: Cernium Square and Outskirts
BurningCity Chosen Seren Boss Battle: Reward Map
BattleOfCernium Burning Cernium
HolyWar Cernium: Cutscenes
SanctuaryOfMitra Cernium: Chamber of the Holy Sword
GraveyardOfSword Cernium: Graveyard of Swords
Apostles Apostles' Leitmotif/Theme (Hoyoung storyline: Sealing the Fiends: The Final Act: Kaling, Cernium: Havoc, Kain storyline: Dr. Y resurrects Luska)
OverlordOfLife Gerand Darmoor's Leitmotif/Theme (Cernium: Aaron)
RisingSun Cernium: Cutscenes
RedMoon Cernium: Near the Flora Encampment and Cutscenes
WhereTheSecretLies Ristonia: Underground Passage
RomanticSunset Ristonia
MaskedHeart Ristonia: Mansion
AdelesOath Ristonia: Tragic Rampart
5thAdelesOathInfinite Adele Skill: Infinity Blade
TheWallsofTragedy Ristonia: Tragic Rampart
ForEinherjar Adele (quest)
Streetpiano Ristonia: Talking to Emile
AwakeningOfOldGod Chosen Seren Boss Battle: Phase 1


Name Player Played in
MemoryOfSunset Reverse City: Cutscenes
ReverseCity Reverse City
ReverseCity2 Reverse City
T-bomb Reverse City
MushbudForest Yum Yum Island: Yum Yum Village, Mushbud Forest
IlliyardMoor Yum Yum Island: Illiard Field
FungusForest Yum Yum Island: Fungos Forest
FungusForestB Yum Yum Island: Fungos Forest (quest)


Name Player Played in
TheKnightOfSharenian Grand Athenaeum Chapter 6: Sharenian Knights
MyPrinceMyKingdom Grand Athenaeum Chapter 6: Sharenian Knights
WhiteNight Grand Athenaeum Chapter 6: Sharenian Knights
GoodbyeMyFriends Sellas cutscene
SinkingThings Sellas: Plunging Depths
WhaleBelly Sellas: Star-swallowing Sea
WhereStarsRest Sellas: The Final Edge of Light


Name Player Played in
TheDispossessed Toolen City: Drakas Base
DispossessedAnger Toolen City: Drakas Base (after Kain's 2nd Job Advancement)
HappyBirthdayMyDear Kain quest
HappyBirthdayMyDearShort Kain quest
DoubtYou Kain quest
Malice Kain quest
ToolenCity Toolen City
5thKainThanatosDescent Kain Skill: Thanatos Descent
HeavyRain Toolen City (after Kain's 2nd Job Advancement)


Name Player Played in
Welcome to Hotel Arcs Hotel Arcus: Saloon
Wayout of the wilderness Hotel Arcus: Town and Outlaw-Infested Wastes
Train heading nowhere Hotel Arcus: Train with No Destination
A mechanic with a wander Hotel Arcus: Cutscene
Lonesome Cinema Hotel Arcs: Nostalgic Drive-in Theater
WonderfulMomentsInNarin Narin
BetweenAlley Narin: Hushed Back Alley
LifeIsFullOfHappiness Lara's leitmotif
OnedayAtTheAtelier Narin: Dalbourde Studio
HyperLifeIsFullOfHappinessHomeOfSpirits Lara Skill: Arbor Away
AnotherdayOfTheAtelier Narin: Dalbourde Studio
AnotherdayOfTheAtelier_NoIntro Narin: Dalbourde Studio
Welcome to Ramuramu Valley Ramuramu Valley
Historical Site of Slime Ramuramu Valley
Once upon a time in Karotte Karote
PreparationForBreakthrough Karote
OccupiedFortress Watcher Kalos Boss Battle: Phase 1


Name Player Played in
The Beginnig of The Adventure Maple Island (Destiny Update)
Just Another Maple Leaf Explorer questline
Endless Curse Explorer questline


Name Player Played in
Wall01 Unused
Wall02 Unused
WallLoadCity Unused
Traning Unused


Name Player Played in
FeelGood Unused
HeatUP Unused
TheAftermath Unused


Name Player Played in
BeastTamerColloseum Tournament of Heroes Arena
BeastTamerKoboltCave Kobold Pits
BeastTamerWoodTown Stump Town
commerceBattle Commerci Trade Voyages (when a boss appears)
commercIng Commerci Trade Voyages
commerzBeach Berry
commerzCanal San Commerci Canals
commerzForest Sospetto Forest
rock'nBattle Unused
rock'nBattleTiger Unused
velludBossBattle Gollux Boss Battle
velludfieldBattle Gollux Mob Battle


Name Player Played in
GoShanghai Unused
GoShanghai Unused
ShanghaiField Shanghai: Rural Area (SEA, JMS, CMS, TMS)
ShanghaiField Shanghai: Rural Area (KMS, GMS)
Yuyuan Secret Library (Shaolin Temple)
PvP Unused
shaolin_songshan Mount Song
shaolin_daxiongbaodian Shaolin Temple
shaolin_mishi Shaolin Temple
shaolin_cangjingge Shaolin Temple
shaolin_shan Mount Song
EnSchool Event
summerboating02 Event
summerboating03 Event
summerboating01 Event
DragonTigerField Gold Dragon Dojo and Red Tiger Dojo
DragonTigerDungeon Gold Dragon Dojo and Red Tiger Dojo
DragonTigerField2 Gold Dragon Dojo and Red Tiger Dojo
newYuyuan Shanghai: Yu Garden
newNanjinglu Shanghai: Nanjing Road
newWaitan Shanghai: The Bund
shaolinBoss Chief Priest Boss Battle


Name Player Played in
FunnyRabbit Event
FunnyRabbitFaster Event
wedding Unused
weddingDance Unused
wichTower Event
dolphin_noon Event
dolphin_night Event
halloweenMainHall Event
halloweenParty Event
halloweenracing Event
RabbitInvasion Event
coordiKing Event
captureTheFlag Flag Race
maxLevelChair Event
mapleGalaxy Event
mapleGalaxy2 Event
GalaxyisDangerous Event
LittleMaplePlanet Event
WelcomeToThe15thStreet Event
salonRise Event
awake_Event Event
fullMoonParty Event
18th_Event Event
mapleLIVE_pinkbean File:MapleLIVE pinkbean.ogg Event
mapleLIVE File:MapleLIVE.ogg Event
chuchu File:Chuchu.ogg Event
StarlightSymphony File:StarlightSymphony.ogg Event
Aquarium_Lofi File:Aquarium Lofi.ogg Aquarium (Lofi ver.)
IlliyardMoor_Lofi File:IlliyardMoor Lofi.ogg Illiyard (Lofi ver.)
Leafre_Lofi File:Leafre Lofi.ogg Leafre (Lofi ver.)
FrozenLink_Lofi File:FrozenLink Lofi.ogg Little Maple Planet (Lofi ver.)
19th_Event File:19th Event.ogg Event


Name Player Played in
risingStar Event
risingStar2 Event
kiteBgm Event
tenthBoard Event
rhythmBgm1 Event
rhythmBgm2 Event
rhythmBgm3 Event
rhythmBgm4 Event
rhythmBgm5 Event
miniGameStation Event
santaRocks Event
santaBeats Event
VEvent MapleStory: V
WaterGunGame Event and MNN Broadcast Station
Mashup Event
clubHalloween Event
adventureIsland Event
battleHorizon Event
Newtro_Kingdom Event
Newtro_Disco Event
Newtro_Henesys Event
Newtro_Ludibrium Event
Newtro_ChuChu Event
Newtro_Orbis Event
Busters_Mushroom Event
Busters_Hog Event
Busters_Necki Event
Newtro_Login Event
Newtro_FlorinaBeach Event
glory_Base MapleStory: Glory
goblinMarket Event


Name Player Played in
Anniv1 Event


Name Player Played in
FantasticThemePark Fantasy Theme World (pre-revamp)
FantasticThemePark2017 Fantasy Theme World (post-revamp)


Name Player Played in
amoria Amoria
chapel Chapel Wedding
cathedral Cathedral Wedding
Amorianchallenge Amorian Challenge
NLCupbeat Bigger Ben
NLChunt NLC Fields
NLCtown New Leaf City: NLC Town Center
HauntedHouse Unused
CrimsonwoodKeep Crimsonwood Mountain
Bigfoot Phantom Forest
PhantomForest Phantom Forest
CrimsonwoodKeepInterior Crimsonwood Keep
GrandmastersGauntlet CWK Party Quest Boss Battle
PartyQuestGL CWK Party Quest and Jett's tutorial
Courtyard Unused
6th_skill Unused
Image1 Unused
NLC_town Unused
NLC_boss Cerberusian Gigantic Drill Boss Battle
NLC_field New Leaf City: Jungle Valley
NLC_kidnap New Leaf City: Alien Base
Blackgate Blackgate City


Name Player Played in
Feeling Mushroom Shrine Fields
BizarreForest Mushroom Shrine: Cemetery / Vanished Village
Hana Showa: Near the Hideout (Beautiful Sky)
Yume Showa
Bathroom Showa: Bath House
BattleField Showa: Hideout
FirstStepMaster Unused
CastleOutSide Ninja Castle: Outside
CastleInside Ninja Castle: Inside
CastleBoss False Daimyo / Gigatoad Boss Battle
CastleTrap Ninja Castle Trap
WhenTheMorningComes Unused
Elfwoods Unused
CityHall Tokyo
CityWarfare Tokyo
Gabuki Tokyo
TCBoss Tokyo


Name Player Played in
Kamuna Mushroom Shrine: Forest of Oblivion / Kamuna
Odaiba Unused
Park Unused
Akiabara Unused
Office Unused
Tokyosky Unused
Rockbongi1 Unused
Rockbongi2 Unused


Name Player Played in
Kecon Japanese Wedding / Momijigaoka: Master Room
SengokuBoss Takigawa Kazumasu Boss Battle
Momijigaoka Momijigaoka
InsideHonnouji Honnouji, Mori Ranmaru Boss Battle
MomijiNoSakamichi Momijigaoka Fields
SengokuOgassenn Unused
Hieijan Hieizan Temple
Hieijan_nohime Hieizan Temple / Princess No Party Quest
DarknessSoul Cross Boss Battle
TheCrossBrigade Cross Brigade Headquarters
CorruptioSanguinis Cross Brigade questline


Name Player Played in
Feeling Mushroom Shrine Fields
BizarreForest Mushroom Shrine: Cemetery / Vanished Village
Kamuna Mushroom Shrine: Forest of Oblivion / Kamuna
LegendofZipang Mushroom Shrine Tales
LegendofZipang_Reprise Mushroom Shrine Tales
LegendofZipang_Sad Mushroom Shrine Tales
LegendofZipang_Silence Mushroom Shrine
LivingAgain Mushroom Shrine Tales
LivingAgain_Reprise Mushroom Shrine Tales
Tengou'sTrial Tengu Boss Battle
ZipangHero Mushroom Shrine Tales
YokaiBoso Mushroom Shrine Tales


Name Player Played in
Fate Mo Xuan storyline
GodOfWar Mo Xuan storyline
5thHyunsanpaUnleashedEnergy Mo Xuan Skill: Unleashed Energy


Name Player Played in
KualaLumpur Trend Zone Metropolis and Kampung Village
Highland Kampung Village: Fantasy Theme Park


Name Player Played in
SolarDeity:NoonOfJustice Chosen Seren Boss Battle: Phase 2 (Noon mode)
SolarDeity:TwilightOfFlame Chosen Seren Boss Battle: Phase 2 (Sunset mode)
SolarDeity:MidnightOfSilence Chosen Seren Boss Battle: Phase 2 (Midnight mode)
SolarDeity:DawnOfHope Chosen Seren Boss Battle: Phase 2 (Dawn mode)
Name Player Played in
GuardianSlime:Battle Guardian Angel Slime Boss Battle
GuardianSlime:Wave Guardian Angel Slime Boss Battle: Wave mode
Name Player Played in
FuryOfTheWatcher Watcher Kalos Boss Battle
WornOutFury Watcher Kalos Boss Battle: Groggy mode


Name Player Played in
LandofWarriors_Day The Afterlands: Land of Warriors (Day)
LandofWarriors_Night The Afterlands: Land of Warriors (Night)
LandofRiches_Day The Afterlands: Land of Riches (Day)
LandofRiches_Night The Afterlands: Land of Riches (Night)
LandofContemplation_Day The Afterlands: Land of Contemplation (Day)
LandofContemplation_Night The Afterlands: Land of Contemplation (Night)
LandofInnocence_Day The Afterlands: Land of Innocence (Day)
LandofInnocence_Night The Afterlands: Land of Innocence (Night)
RetroWorldTown Retro World: Balina (Event)
RetroWorldMiniGame Retro World training area (Event)
RetroWorldDungeon Retro World: Demon King's Tower (Event)
RetroWorldBoss Retro World: Demon King boss theme (Event)


Name Player Played in
Abrup Monad: Abrup Basin
Turbulence Monad storyline
Attack Monad storyline
FallenThings Monad storyline: Act 1
TheWaytoHope_gloomy Monad storyline
TheWaytoHope_gloomy_MR Monad storyline
TheWaytoHope Monad storyline
TheWaytoHope_MR Monad storyline
SongOfHawar Monad: Hawalu's song
SongOfHawar_MR Monad: Hawalu's song
SleepingForest Monad: Act 2 Windsleep Forest
WalkTogether Monad storyline
Labor Monad: Skuas
Labor_MR Monad: Skuas cutscene
Appearance Monad: Julieta cutscenes
Julietta Julieta Boss Battle
Reunite Monad: Act 3 Julieta epilogue
PL_MooIsland_Rest Goo Island Getaway
PL_MooIsland_Main Goo Island Getaway
PL_MooIsland_Play Goo Island Getaway


Name Player Played in
CBD_town CBD
CBD_field CBD Fields
BoatQuay_field Boat Quay Town: Mysterious Path
Ghostship Boat Quay Town: Ghost Ship
BoatQuay_town Boat Quay Town
Ulu_field Ulu City


Name Player Played in
ThaiTown Floating Market
ThaiField Floating Market: Fields
goldTempleTownTH Golden Temple
goldTempleFieldTH Golden Temple: Forest of Training
goldTempleDungeonTH Golden Temple: Abandoned Temple


Name Player Played in
YoTaipei Ximending
NightField Night Market Field
NightMarket Night Market
101Building Unused
101BuildingField Unused
101BuildingSubway Unused
CakeMap Event
CakeMap4th Event
FishingSystem Fishing Minigame
GachaponHousing Gachapon Housing
MapleHighSchool Event
ChivalrousFighter Zen Tutorial (Unused)
ThanksGivingDay Unused
ArisanBoss Alishan
ArisanCity Alishan
ArisanField Alishan
ArisanForest Alishan
ArisanTrain Alishan


Name Player Played in
NxLogo Nexon Logo
WzLogo Wizet Logo
AsLogo Asiasoft Logo
WCSelect Unused
ShopBgm Cash Shop
Title Login
NxLogoMS Nexon Logo (GMS)
Title Title (GMS, MSEA, EMS)
Title Unused
Title Unused
Title Unused
Title Unused
Title Unused
Title_8th Unused
Title_TW File:Title TW.ogg Unused


Name Player Played in
CNY_LoveLetterB Chinese Lunar New Year - Video Letter Event
CNY_LoveLetter Chinese Lunar New Year - Video Letter Event
CNY_LoveLetterA Chinese Lunar New Year - Video Letter Event
myHome_village My Home system content - Kelanza Square
myHome_room My Home system content - room decoration
myHome_room2 My Home system content - room decoration
Corona Festival Astral Blessings: Celestial Festival event
Corona Festival 2 Astral Blessings: Celestial Festival event
Corona Festival 3 Astral Blessings: Celestial Festival event
Abyss Expedition Abyss Expedition Headquarters
Abyss Expedition -Ambience ver.- Abyss Expedition Headquarters
Amazing Abyss Abyss Expedition Underground
Dark Abyss Abyss Expedition Underground
Flower Pig Dream Rider Henesys Night Troupe event
Night Festival in Henesys Henesys Night Troupe event
Night Festival in Rien Rien Night Troupe event
Exciting Diving in Glacier Rien Night Troupe event
Dizzy Bumper Car Rien Night Troupe event
Treasure of Pharaoh - Enter Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Chapter 1 Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Chapter 2 Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Chapter 3 Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Chapter 4 Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Chapter 5 Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Boss Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh
Treasure of Pharaoh - Shop Maple Explorer: Treasure of Pharaoh


Name Player Played in
Superstar Pink Bean Chair Superstar Pink Bean chair effect


Name Player Played in
Pachinko_Interior_Ambience Pachinko Housing


Name Player Played in
Congratulation Unknown
MorningShot Unused
Heartybear Unused


Name Player Played in
bgmbase0 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase1 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase2 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase3 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase4 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase5 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase0 Pachinko Minigame
bgmbase1 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach0 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach1 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach2 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach3 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach4 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach5 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach6 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach7 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach8 Pachinko Minigame
bgmreach9 Pachinko Minigame


Name Player Played in
CrimsonwoodKeep Crimsonwood: Cavern of Fear
CrimsonwoodKeepInterior Crimsonwood: Caverns
GrandmastersGauntlet Crimsonwood: questline
PartyQuestGL Crimsonwood: questline and Jett's tutorial
Nostalgia New Leaf City: Krakian Jungle
Cerberusian New Leaf City: Excavation Base
PhantomForest Crimsonwood: Phantom Forest
Raven Crimsonwood: Dead Man's Gorge
PhantomForest Crimsonwood: Phantom Forest
Whisper Crimsonwood: Phantom Forest + Crimsonwood Mountain (Low sanity)
Resurrection Crimsonwood: Elite Boss Battle
CrimsonMountain Crimsonwood Mountain
toVersal Crimsonwood: Versal Gate
NLChunt MesoGears
NLC_boss Cerberusian Gigantic Drill Boss Battle
NLC_Break MesoGears: Enigma Chamber
NLCupbeat New Leaf City: City Outskirts
NLC_battle Masteria storyline
NLCtown New Leaf City: NLC Town Center


Name Player Played in
Beautyroid_Forrest Wondroid event
Beautyroid_Factory Wondroid event
Beautyroid_Lab Wondroid event
Beautyroid_Lobby Wondroid event
Primrose Wondroid event
PeacefulDays Wondroid event
Beautyroid3_HiddenHallway Wondroid event
Beautyroid3_ScionsLair Wondroid event
Beautyroid3_UnseenPrison Wondroid event
Beautyroid3_MoreHumanThanHuman Wondroid event


Name Player Played in
Into the Stars Captain Vaga
Captain Vaga Captain Vaga
Battle Captain Vaga


Name Player Played in
ToTheBattlefield Fort Asura questline
ShuraCastle Fort Asura questline
Boss_SilveryWolf Akechi Mitsuhide Boss Battle
Boss_SilveryWolf_v2_1 Akechi Mitsuhide Boss Battle
Boss_SilveryWolf_v2_2 Akechi Mitsuhide Boss Battle
MeaningOfTheDawn Fort Asura
ScatteringSakura Fort Asura questline
SecretVow Fort Asura questline


Name Player Played in
WinterFrenzy_Boss_All Winter Frenzy event
WinterFrenzy_Boss_effect Winter Frenzy event
WinterFrenzy_Boss_Bgm Winter Frenzy event


Name Player Played in
The_Arrival Used in a cutscene when the Cygnus Knights were first introduced
The_Third_Flight Used in the GMS website for introducing 3rd Job Advancement
Go! Fight! Show Your Energy! Used in the introductory video for MapleStory: RED

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