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Moonbeam is a young fox girl in the village of Vulpes who helps Shade. She is accompanied by Souffle at all times.

After Shade lives in the village for a while, Moonbeam wants Shade to be her companion. In an attempt to do so, she gives up her spirit powers to Shade, making Shade stronger but consequently making Moonbeam vulnerable to aggressors (which almost ended up in a forced marriage). Moonbeam then helps Shade to return to Maple World.

Later on, Shade returns to Vulpes after learning that no one remembers him in Maple World, but everyone in Vulpes has forgotten him as well, even Moonbeam. Moonbeam states that her spirit powers suddenly disappeared, thinking that the Fox God took them away to punish her for what she did (which she never knew). The Mark of Companionship done by Shade and Moonbeam is no longer there.

In Fox Valley, Moonbeam and the other children of Vulpes thought Maru was weird so they did not join him in becoming Fox Rangers. After the player helps Maru, Moonbeam and the others make friends with Maru once again.



  • Cool Moonbeam Roid is modeled after Moonbeam.
  • Moonbeam is a playable character of The Return of the Legends.
  • Lil Moonbeam Pet is modeled after Moonbeam.


  1. She shares voice actresses with Lucid (Shade cutscene).
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