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A miner mining.

Mining is one of the five professions and one of the two core professions of MapleStory, the other being Herbalism. Mining is a prerequisite to learn two other professions: Smithing and Accessory Crafting. Cole teaches the Mining profession and runs secret harvesting farms along with Saffron in Ardentmill, which can be used to harvest ores and herbs.

Miners have the ability to harvest Veins to obtain Ores, either without a tool or with a special pickaxe or wrench. They can then smelt these ores to obtain plates and gems, which can be used for Smithing and Accessory Crafting.

List of Veins

Vein Possible Rewards
All Veins Etc Ore FragmentOre Fragment
Mining - Silver Vein
Silver Vein [Tutorial]
Etc Silver Ore Faded Silver Ore
Mining - Silver Vein
Silver Vein
Etc Silver Ore Silver Ore
Etc Opal Ore Opal Ore
Mining - Magenta Vein
Magenta Vein
Etc Orihalcon Ore Orihalcon Ore
Etc Amethyst Ore Amethyst Ore
Mining - Blue Vein
Blue Vein
Etc Steel Ore Steel Ore
Etc Sapphire Ore Sapphire Ore
Mining - Brown Vein
Brown Vein
Etc Bronze Ore Bronze Ore
Etc Adamantium Ore Adamantium Ore
Mining - Emerald Vein
Emerald Vein
Etc DEX Crystal Ore DEX Crystal Ore
Etc Mithril Ore Mithril Ore
Etc Emerald Ore Emerald Ore
Mining - Gold Vein
Gold Vein
Etc Gold Ore Gold Ore
Etc Topaz Ore Topaz Ore
Mining - Aquamarine Vein
Aquamarine Vein
Etc AquaMarine Ore AquaMarine Ore
Etc Diamond Ore Diamond Ore
Mining - Red Vein
Red Vein
Etc Power Crystal Ore Power Crystal Ore
Etc Garnet Ore Garnet Ore
Mining - Black Vein
Black Vein
Etc Dark Crystal Ore Dark Crystal Ore
Etc Black Crystal Ore Black Crystal Ore
Mining - Purple Vein
Purple Vein
Etc Wisdom Crystal Ore Wisdom Crystal Ore
Etc LUK Crystal Ore LUK Crystal Ore
Etc Lidium Ore Lidium Ore
Mining - Heartstone
Mining - Mysterious Vein
Mysterious Vein
Mining - Mysterious Legendary Vein
Mysterious Legendary Vein
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