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Mihile is a special job of Cygnus Knights and is only accessible from the job selection screen. Mihile is gender-locked as male and, like the Demon, possesses a special shield. Mihile's is known as the Soul Shield, and he earns a stronger version after every job advancement.

Originally an average boy working in a store, Cygnus revealed that he possessed an extraordinary power within him: the power of light. Now named Mihile, his true destiny is to use his power for the greater good and defeat the evil that wavers in the Maple World.

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Main Story


After having struggled to repel the Black Wings’ invasion before her coronation, Cygnus realized that Ereve lacked the military strength to protect Maple World. To remedy this, Cygnus’ first act as Empress was to create the Cygnus Knights, an order of knights who would defend the people of Maple World from the Black Wings and other threats. Having heard the stories of the legendary Knight of Light, Chromile, she and Neinheart attempted to track him down, but were only able to find his son. As a baby, Chromile’s son was brought by his father to a shopkeeper named Mr. Limbert, who begrudgingly raised the boy, though not without inflicting much abuse upon him. After testing the boy to see if he was truly Chromile’s son, Cygnus and Neinheart brought him to Ereve. As the boy had no name, only being called “Kiddo” by Limbert, Cygnus gave him the name Mihile, meaning “Born of Light”.

Investigating Chromile

Neinheart began overseeing Mihile’s training, but when Mihile discovered a document detailing Neinheart’s order to investigate Chromile, he grew unfocused from his training, as he incorrectly concluded that Neinheart didn’t believe that he was Chromile’s son. Upon being confronted, Neinheart told Mihile that the one thing he was certain about was that Mihile was Chromile’s son. Knowing that Mihile’s doubt would get in the way of his training, Neinheart sent Mihile to investigate his own father in Perion. There, he helped 10 Boogies, an informant of Ereve, with her assignments in exchange for information on Chromile. She directed him to an archeologist named Winston, who told him that Chromile, once a great warrior, went penniless after his wife’s death and retreated to Sleepywood. Informing him that Sleepywood was out of Mihile’s league at his current strength, he suggested visiting Chromile’s tent in southern Perion.

After seeing how pathetically his father lived, Mihile wondered how his mother’s death had such an impact on Chromile as to make him abandon everything, including his own son. Just then, a group of assailants arrived and began attacking Mihile. After defeating them, Mihile spoke with their leader, who revealed that, long ago, they had kidnapped a baby Mihile and his mother. According to him, all Chromile had to do to save his wife was to confront them, but Chromile was too scared to face them and let his wife die. Now full of doubt about whether his father was truly a good man, Mihile returned to Ereve and voiced his concerns to Neinheart, who advised him that, in such situations, he should look for the whole truth instead of assuming that he had all the facts. Mihile then spoke with Cygnus about his doubts on whether his father was a good man, whether Mihile was truly his father’s son, and his fear of being swallowed up by the same darkness that consumed his father. Cygnus reassured him that she could feel that Mihile had a good heart and that she had complete faith in him. Reassured, Mihile decided to heed Neinheart’s words and returned to Perion to investigate the full truth. Upon arriving, 10 Boogies told him that she had seen Winston leaving Chromile’s tent with some of his things. Furious, Mihile confronted him and demanded that Winston return everything he took, revealing himself as Chromile’s son. But Winston rebuffed him, saying that Mihile had no proof to substantiate his claim. However, he allowed Mihile to look at the diary he found, provided that he could obtain it from the monsters who stole it.

After a long hunt, Mihile found the diary and the torn pages that the monsters stole and read Chromile’s last entries, which detailed the circumstances of his kidnapping. He learned that the mysterious assailants kidnapped both Mihile and his mother and told Chromile to choose one person to rescue. At his wife’s insistence, Chromile chose to rescue his son, resulting in his wife’s death. Spiraling deep into depression, Chromile decided that he couldn’t raise his son, as he knew that he was heading down a dark path. He left Mihile with Limbert and retreated to Sleepywood, where he was never heard from again. Realizing that Chromile left for his sake, Mihile got the closure he needed and swore to make his father proud.

Competing with Irena

Soon after, Neinheart contacted Mihile and told him that a new knight, Irena, had been accepted by Cygnus to their ranks. When Mihile met her, he was amazed when she told him that she had skipped training in Ereve to come straight to Victoria Island. Mihile was then contacted by Cygnus, who mentioned that Perion had rare Fire Flowers that she loved. Mihile decided to pick one for Cygnus, but when he presented it to the Empress, she said that Irena had already got one for her. Neinheart then told Mihile that Hersha, an informant in Ellinia had reported an alarmingly increasing number of Evil Eyes. Mihile rushed to defeat them, but once again, he discovered that Irena had beat him. Next, Mihile was contacted by Roca, an informant in Henesys, who told him that mutant Mixed Golems had appeared in the Golem Temple. Mihile rushed to the Golem Temple and began attacking the Golems, though he was unable to find the mutant breed. Roca then told him that Irena had already taken care of it and that he forgot to let Mihile know.

Frustrated, Mihile chastised himself for being so preoccupied with finding his father instead of training. He sought out Irena and asked her what made her so different. Irena told him that she wasn’t strong, but she practiced diligently every day to get to the level she was at. Resolving to redeem himself, Mihile was then contacted by Neinheart, who told him that a keepsake of Empress Aria had been discovered in northern Perion. As the northern region was much more dangerous, he told Mihile to take Irena with him. However, Mihile felt that handling the mission alone would demonstrate his strength, and so he neglected to tell Irena and found the keepsake on his own. To his surprise, Neinheart was furious and told him that he needed knights whom he could trust to follow his orders, and that he needed Mihile to be a leader, not a show-off. After reflecting on his actions, Mihile realized that there was no shame in relying on others, and that trying to do everything alone was where his father had gone wrong. He went to apologize to Irena for being jealous of her, but she laughed and said that she had been working hard because she thought she couldn’t compete with Mihile. With their misunderstanding resolved, they decided to become good friends.

Puppeteer in the Shadows

Soon after, Neinheart contacted Mihile and told him about the legend of the Black Mage and the Heroes who sealed him away, as well as the Black Wings and their mission to revive the Black Mage. Knowing that the Black Wings would inevitably target Cygnus, he asked Mihile to bring back ingredients to reinforce the protective barrier around Cygnus, though he asked that he keep it from her so as not to worry her about the possibility of assailants coming after her. Cygnus, however, found out that Mihile and Neinheart were doing something behind her back, and though she didn’t ask him to explain, she expressed her commitment to keeping Maple World safe, as well as her doubts about being able to fill the large shoes of Aria. Neinheart then asked Mihile to investigate Cold Eyes, whose movements made it clear that the monsters around Victoria Island were getting larger and more organized.

Second Job Advancement

Neinheart then summoned Mihile to take the exam to become an Apprentice Knight. After passing with flying colors, Mihile went on a journey to become stronger.

Third Job Advancement

Soon after, he was called back to take another exam, after which he became an Official Knight.

Fourth Job Advancement

As Mihile continued getting stronger, Neinheart told him that the number of Knights had become too large to manage, and that he was planning to divide them into five different categories, with a Chief Knight leading each one. He said that many of the knights looked up to Mihile as an example and asked if he would be willing to lead one branch, but Mihile asked for time to consider it, as he was unsure about becoming such a prominent leader. While he was thinking it over, Neinheart contacted him again and told him that the Black Wings had invaded and enchanted some of the knights into attacking Cygnus. Rushing back to Ereve, Mihile made short work of the ensorcelled knights. Now hailed the hero of Ereve, many began to already refer to Mihile as a Chief Knight. With no choice, Mihile accepted and became the Chief Knight of Light.

Final Quest

Cygnus thanked Mihile for his service as the Chief Knight of Light and asked him to take on the training of Noblesses who wished to follow the path of the Dawn Warriors.

Black Heaven

The day before the operation, Empress Cygnus addressed her knights and told them that Gelimer was on his way to Henesys. Though she warned that the battle would be difficult, she also reminded them that they were the guardians of Maple World as Cygnus Knights, rallying them behind her banner.

That night, Mihile found Cygnus standing atop a cliff gazing at the sky. As he approached her, Cygnus noted that Mihile seemed anxious, though he denied it. She reminded Mihile that she knew him better than that and asked if there was anything he wanted to talk about. Mihile told Cygnus that the Alliance had never been in an aerial battle and wondered if they were sufficiently prepared. Cygnus told Mihile not to worry, as their Alliance was the strongest that Maple World had ever seen, with even the support of the legendary Heroes who sealed the Black Mage. She added that the real question was whether they were prepared to sacrifice in order to win. Mihile told her that the Cygnus Knights weren’t afraid of sacrifices, though Cygnus replied that she was. She feared losing even a single person and asked Mihile to promise that everyone would return. Mihile, ever loyal, immediately promised and vowed that they would always be at her side. Cygnus told Mihile that she was glad that she could always count on him.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Empress Cygnus for Mihile.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Mihile is "Brave Knight of the Empress".


In Ereve, Empress Cygnus addressed her Knights and thanked them all for their bravery. She then asked if they were willing to continue following her in the fight against evil, which garnered a rallying cry for Cygnus. Neinheart personally thanked Mihile for his dedication and asked if he would honor them with his support in a time of peace. Mihile told Neinheart that he considered it the highest honor to serve the Empress for as long as he was needed.

Later on, Mihile met with Cygnus at the Conference Pavilion, He reminded her that she had come to visit him when he was a child and asked if she knew then that he would someday become one of her Knights. Cygnus told him that she did, and that she had first noticed him long before then. She explained how she had watched him struggle in a life harder than that of most adults, though he toiled on without complaint, even while surrounded by cruelty on all sides. When their eyes met for the first time, she told him that she had seen great determination and hope in his eyes as he stood to be a light in the darkness, even then. She then told him that, back then, she had been young and frail and unproven, a mere child with a grand title, and asked why he had decided to believe in her. Mihile told her that, though he was a nameless orphan, it hadn’t mattered to her. He explained that when she gave him a name and put her trust in him, he was reborn. He told Cygnus that it was because of her that he was who he was and vowed to believe in her until the day he died.

Job Advancements

2nd Job Advancement

Accept Neinheart's (Nineheart in MapleSEA) quest at level 28 and then Kiku's quest via lightbulb, then head over to Matthias in Kerning City, who will teleport you to a map where you will have to eliminate Exam Instructor Tae Roon; unlike the normal Tae Roon, this one does not move, attack, or use skills, although he has 35,000 HP. Afterwards, obtain 50 Surgeon Eye Tails from Surgeon Eyes located at the end of Ellinia's North Forest. Next, defeat Stumpy, located at the end of Perion's North Rocky Mountain at Gusty Peak. Finally, reach Level 30, and talk to Neinheart to make the job advancement.

3rd Job Advancement

Reach level 60. Talk to Neinheart twice to be warped into a special map. Eliminate 100 Pricklefaces and then talk to Neinheart once again to advance.

4th Job Advancement

Reach level 100. Talk to Neinheart twice to be warped into a special map. Eliminate 100 assassins and then talk to Neinheart once again to advance.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.



  • Mihile is the first class to be gender-locked.
  • According to the storyline, Mihile is the first job instructor to be recruited into the Cygnus Knights.
  • A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. Here, the Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely gone at this point, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Empress Cygnus for Mihile.
  • When battling the future Cygnus, Mihile will have to kill the corrupted future Cygnus Knights, resulting in a theoretical "suicide" as he kills the corrupted future Mihile.
    • However, since Shinsoo claims that this future scenario is just a dream conjured by the Black Mage, the theory is disproved.
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  1. He shares voice actors with Mihile, Eckhart, Von Leon, Big Headward, Neinheart (Cygnus Returns video), Stan, Ericsson and Gelimer (Black Heaven animation).