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  • Hello Aass6139, I wanted to share something I found out recently. I saw a video where 진격캐넌 soloed the Black Mage Phase 1 + 2:

    In the video, he does a total of 135 trillion (135조) damage to Phase 2. I did some math, and here is what I found:

    • At 7:31-7:56 the damage he does to the white HP bar is just about 2.31 trillion (2조 31천억)
    • At 8:42-8:58 he does 2.31 trillion damage (2조 31천억)
    • At 9:57-10:22 he does 1.4 trillion damage, but since the white HP bar lasts up to 25 seconds, it disappears (1조 4천억)
    • At 11:09-11:34 he does 1.9 trillion damage, but the white HP bar disappears (1조 9000억)
    • At 12:21-12:46, he does 800 billion damage, but the white HP bar disappears (8천억)
    • At 13:32-13:44, he does 2.31 trillion damage (2조 31천억)
    • At 14:43-15:08, he does 1 trillion damage (1조)
    • At 15:55-16:21, he does 2.31 trillion damage (2조 31천억)
    • At 17:08-17:34, he does 1.2 trillion damage (1조 2천억)
    • At 18:20-18:46, he does 1.65 trillion damage (1조 65천억)
    • At 19:32-19:38, he does 2.31 trillion damage (2조 31천억)

    With the sum of all these, the white HP bar accounts for: 2.31+2.31+1.4+1.9+0.8+2.31+1+2.31+1.2+1.65+2.31 = 19.5 trillion damage (19조 5천억).

    Then subtracting 135 trillion - 19.5 trillion = 115.5 trillion (115조 5천억).

    Let me know if I made any mistakes.

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    • I'm sorry. I'm interested in game stories, but the rest aren't very interested. And I'm not good at math.

      I know that Black Mage's HP turned out to be a hack in GMS. There, his HP in phase two was 135 trillion (조), which is also found on Namuwiki. (Phase 2)

      I think your calculation (white bar HP) seems to be correct. 135 trillion (조) - 19.5 trillion = 115.5 trillion (115조 5천억). That's right.

      I'm sorry I didn't help you.

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    • No worries. I'm only telling you because I noticed that Namu wiki lists the HP as 135 trillion, when it's actually less.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Aass6139. Just wanted to let you know that we won't be adding event NPCs. I'll make a slight exception for Wave, since he's Wonky's brother (and based on someone), but other event NPCs won't be added.

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  • Hello Aass6139, I had a question. Do you know when Darmoor's minions are referred to as "Disciples" in GMS? Havoc is referred to as the Apostle of Lightning, while I wasn't able to find anything on Limbo.

    Edit: I just noticed the one from Fox Valley, so it seems that GMS uses both Disciples and Apostles. I guess we'll have to see where they go with this.

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    • Yeah. I saw one in Fox Valley and the other in Detective Rave's Case Notes ( But I like the word Apostles more.

      I guess Limbo as an apostle because he attended a disciples (apostles) meeting. But I can't find GMS video, so I use that word which is from MSEA video (

      P.S.: I can't write well because English is not my native language and I don't play GMS. However, I use Google Translator and watch at the videos so I know a little what words GMS use. If I can't get GMS videos, I have no choice but to do get words from the MSEA's videos. So this may not be accurate. Thank you for modifying the documents I wrote last time.

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    • I might change it to Apostles, since GMS refers to Havoc as the Apostle of Lightning. As for Limbo, I'm not entirely sure, since GMS only referred to those characters as the "High Flora Council" (

      And no worries about the English, I do appreciate your contributions regardless. I can modify the pages accordingly.

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    • I would like to rename the 'Gerand Darmoor Apostles' category to 'Apostles'. When GMS used the word Disciple, I added Gerand Darmoor in front, because the 'disciple' was also used as the disciple for the Black Mage (Dark Black Magician's Disciple / Dark Black Magician = Black Mage) or (Black Mage's Disciple). Now that they have changed the word Disciple to Apostles.

      P.S.: I know KMS's texts, but I'm not good at using English. And I also like 141 humor, and there is an article on the term in a Korean wiki (141(메이플스토리)).

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    • Personally I'd prefer keeping it as "Gerand Darmoor Apostles", similar to how we have "Black Mage Commanders", because of whom they work for; if we have another new boss after Darmoor, I'll probably do the same thing if I'm still contributing to the wiki.

      And I've actually seen that page before, since a lot of folks who play GMS know about 141 too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Aas6139.

    For the future, please don't add extra categories to the quest pages. The quest categories are based on how it's structured in game.

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  • Hello Aass6139. Please don't add categories on the monster pages; only the Character and/or NPC pages.

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