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Mercedes (KR:메르세데스) is the one of the six Heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is the group's resident Bowman. She is the Queen of the Elves, ruling in a secluded town known as Elluel. She uses Dual Bowguns and Magic Arrows for weapons.


The Six Heroes

Mercedes was the Ruler of the Elves and considered it her solemn duty to fight the Black Mage in order to protect her people. Mercedes was one of the many people who gathered at the Dragon Master's Tower, which was lit by Ryude and his band of soldiers in order to warn Maple World that the end of the world was approaching. She joined Freud and four others to become the Heroes of Maple who fought against the tyranny of the Black Mage. In the kingdom of Elluel, two young elves named Lucid and Athena Pierce both idolized Mercedes and spent much of their time trying to impress her with their skills. Lucid was often jealous of Athena, as her prowess in archery exceeded that of Lucid’s. Lucid soon realized that she had the ability to manipulate dreams and created a music box as a gift for Mercedes, which was capable of producing sweet dreams for its listener. However, she became upset when Mercedes decided to share the music box with the kingdom, as she wanted it to be something she could share with Mercedes alone.

When Mercedes learned of the Black Mage’s threat to Maple World, she decided to join the other Heroes in order to protect her people. Both Lucid and Athena insisted on coming with her, but Mercedes refused to take two young girls into battle. The night that Mercedes was set to leave Elluel, Lucid decided to follow her and convince Mercedes to bring her along, but soon realized that not only did Athena have the same idea, but she had reached Mercedes first. To her horror, Mercedes agreed to take Athena with her and entrusted her with the Mistelteinn, the sacred bow of the elves, whose power would protect Athena from harm. Burning with jealousy that Athena had formed the close relationship with Mercedes that she yearned for, Lucid ran away from Elluel and used her powers of dream manipulation to make all the elves forget that she ever existed.

During the last days of the war, Mercedes and the other Heroes received a letter from the Demon, who planned to betray the Black Mage. The Heroes took the chance opportunity and stormed the Temple of Time. Together with Freud and Afrien, Mercedes entered the Black Mage's throne room and engaged in a fierce battle against the dark Transcendent. However, Mercedes was ultimately defeated and fell unconscious. Eventually, the remaining Heroes were successful in sealing the Black Mage, though he managed to unleash a curse upon the Heroes before he was sealed. Mercedes and the other Heroes were expelled from the Temple of Time and fell back down to the burning forests of Leafre.

Soon after, a member of the Silent Crusade, having traveled back centuries from the present, appeared and ran into Afrien and an unconscious Mercedes and Freud. Afrien was able to recognize that the Crusader had come from the present and explained that he had taken the Black Mage’s curse in Freud’s place through the power of their Spirit Pact. He also explained that Mercedes had been gravely injured, but that she could survive with the Crusader’s help. With the Crusader’s consent, Afrien extracted a portion of their life force and created a crystal, which the Crusader then used to bring Mercedes back from the brink of death.

After the Crusader left, Mercedes awoke and spoke with Afrien, who warned that the Black Mage’s curse would affect her kingdom, as the destiny of the elves was tied to that of their ruler. Mercedes rushed back to Elluel, where she found that her subjects were freezing in ice one by one. Before she succumbed to the Black Mage’s curse herself, Mercedes closed the borders of the kingdom to prevent the curse from spreading outside Elluel.

Main Story

After Centuries

Centuries later, Mercedes awoke from the ice and excitedly left her quarters, hoping to see her subjects alive and well. To her shock, however, all the

Mercedes frozen in ice

elves were still frozen in slumber. Furthermore, Mercedes realized that nearly all of her old strength had faded away because of the curse. She suspected that her awakening was due to the Seal of Time degrading, meaning that she needed to regain her strength as soon as possible before the Black Mage broke free from the seal. She returned to Elf School in order to master the basics, humiliated that she could barely handle the Puppetrees when she used to train against Yetis and Wyverns with ease. After becoming stronger, she decided to venture outside the kingdom borders. Though she dreaded facing the powerful Slimes outside, she quickly discovered that they were much weaker than they had been since before the curse, making her wonder exactly how much time had passed. Upon arriving in Ellinia, she was perplexed to see the town, as her understanding was that there were no settlements in the Ellin Forest she remembered. Furthermore, there was no way that such a large town could have been built in just a few years. She decided to speak with the town residents and recognized that many of them were Sylphs, a younger race of fairies.

She first spoke with Wing the Fairy, who dismissed her as a human. Offended, she told him that she was an elf, but Wing was confused and told her that the elves were a race of fairies that had disappeared centuries ago. When Mercedes was taken aback by the revelation, he told her to confirm it by asking Arwen the Fairy. Arwen agreed with Wing and told Mercedes that all the records stated that the elves had vanished hundreds of years ago, though no one knew why or how. As the color drained from Mercedes’ face, Arwen grew worried and suggested that she visit Rowen the Fairy, who was adept at healing magic. Mercedes went to see Rowen and asked her about the elves once more to be sure, finally accepting the truth after Rowen confirmed what Wing and Arwen had said. To help calm Mercedes’ nerves, Rowen told her to drink a cup of Clear Tree Sap from the Talking Tree. While Mercedes drank the sap, the Talking Tree asked what was wrong with her. Mercedes told him that just yesterday, everyone knew her name, but nobody knew who she was anymore. The tree unhelpfully told Mercedes that her own pride in her accomplishments didn’t automatically make her important, and that there was nothing wrong with being a nobody. As her existential dread set in, Mercedes weakly told him that she had lost her powers and couldn’t fight anymore, but the tree told her that there was nothing wrong with not fighting either. When she replied that she had no friends left, the tree grew impatient and snapped at her to make new ones, telling her that she should forget about her problems and live as a normal person. Crass as he was, Mercedes knew that he had a point and wondered whether she ought to heed his advice and settle down. However, she recalled her people still cursed in eternal slumber and vowed that even though she had lost her powers and friends, she would never give up.

Royal Errands

In order to regain her strength and find new allies, she asked the tree whether he knew of any jobs that she could undertake. The tree told her that Bruce at the Golem Temple was looking for someone to do errands for him. Though she was miffed at the thought of being a sovereign-turned-errand girl, she nevertheless decided to seek him out. At the Golem Temple, Bruce hired Mercedes and asked her to first find a package that the Golems had stolen from him. After Mercedes returned it to him, Bruce realized that the package had been torn open, and that one of the items, a Dejected Green Mushroom puppet, had gone missing. He explained that many monsters around Victoria Island had grown more violent due to such puppets, which exuded noises on a frequency that only monsters could hear, and asked her to recover it from the Golems. After Mercedes returned the puppet to Bruce, he realized that the Golems hadn’t exhibited any strange behavior while the puppet was in their possession, which helped him conclude that the frequency of the puppet seemed to only affect Green Mushrooms. He thanked Mercedes for her help in his research and told her that he would continue investigating the puppets.

Some time later, Bruce reached out and explained that he had told his mentor about her, and that he wanted to meet her. Mercedes went to Perion and met with Bruce’s mentor, Winston, who immediately noticed that she had a peculiar accent and strange ears. He asked her to collect leaves from Dark Stumps, as he wanted to compare the leaves to a fossil he had. After Mercedes brought him the leaves, Winston compared them against the fossil, but realized that it would be difficult to prove that the species of fossilized monster was mobile like the Dark Stumps. He wished that there were a record of monsters to compare against, but explained that the warriors of Perion cared little about keeping such records. He told her that there was a place in Ossyria rumored to have a warp in spacetime, which allowed one to travel into the past, though he dismissed it as a myth. Mercedes remembered that she had ordered the creation of a Monster Picture Book during her reign and believed that it was still in Elluel. As all the monsters had evolved since the book had been made, she decided that it was useless to her and instead gave it to Winston, who was thrilled to see how detailed it was. He thanked her profusely, explaining that it would change the very course of his research. Before she left, he asked her for a final favor, which was to deliver a vial of Arcon’s Blood to Manji.

After delivering the blood, Mercedes was contacted by Bruce, who told her that his colleague, Dr. Betty, had heard good things about her from himself and Winston, and that she wanted to meet Mercedes as well. In Ellinia, Betty asked her to collect Evil Eye cell samples for her research. Mercedes recalled how the Evil Eyes had been disgusting cave-dwellers in her time. Betty was confused by her words, but then recalled how Evil Eyes used to live in caves centuries ago, though they had migrated to the forest over time. After collecting the Evil Eye samples, Betty asked her to collect Curse Eye samples. Though Mercedes had never heard of them before, she nevertheless collected the samples for Betty. Betty thanked her and began musing aloud whether Evil Eyes or Curse Eyes were older. Mercedes explained that Evil Eyes had to be older, as Curse Eyes hadn’t existed centuries ago. She told Betty that Evil Eyes would only leave their caves when food was scarce, and that it was her responsibility as sovereign to drive them away from Elluel, adding that the Evil Eyes back then were much stronger than they were in present day. Betty then had an epiphany that the Evil Eyes who had first ventured outside their caves likely fed on the forest plants, causing their skin to turn green until they eventually evolved into Curse Eyes. To confirm her hypothesis, Betty asked Mercedes to bring plant cell samples, after which she told Mercedes that she would contact her if she ever needed more help.

The Elders Awaken

Mercedes then heard the voice of Philius, the Elder of Magic, in her mind. She rushed back to Elluel and found that Philius had been freed from the ice. After reuniting, Mercedes told him about her adventures in Maple World, as well as the fact that centuries had passed. Philius was puzzled about why the Black Mage’s curse hadn’t lifted on all the elves once Mercedes awoke. Just then, Danika and Astilda, the Elders of War and Life, awoke and greeted Mercedes. Philius suggested that, with all the elders awake, they perform the Rite of Snow, a powerful cleansing ritual, which he hoped would be enough to break the Black Mage’s curse. When the ritual failed, Philius concluded that it was because the curse was tied to Mercedes, whose growing strength had allowed the most powerful elves to awaken. He believed that her return to full power would lift the curse on the rest of the elves. However, he also realized that Mercedes’ awakening meant that the seal on the Black Mage was weakening, if not already broken. As Philius began to lose hope, Mercedes insisted that they had not yet lost and told him that they just needed to make new allies in order to gain strength. Philius then remembered that Mercedes had entrusted the Mistelteinn to Athena Pierce, who had evacuated from Leafre before the battle against the Black Mage. He believed that the Mistelteinn’s power may have shielded Athena from the curse, and that she may have survived the war if she managed to escape Leafre. Mercedes agreed, but with no leads on where Athena could be, she decided to visit Betty and ask if she knew of Athena. To her surprise, Betty explained that Athena was extremely famous in Maple World, and that she could be found at the Bowman Instructional School in Henesys.

Mercedes went to see Athena, who couldn’t believe her eyes upon seeing her queen. After a heartfelt reunion, Athena told Mercedes how she had crashed in Victoria Island with the other refugees and built Altaire Camp. She explained that after the situation had stabilized, she had tried entering Elluel many times, but always found the path blocked at the border. Mercedes told her that she had closed the border in order to prevent the curse from spreading and never got the chance to warn her. Athena then asked about everything that had happened during the final battle, and so Mercedes explained how the Heroes had sealed the Black Mage, how his curse on Mercedes extended to the other elves, and how she was currently trying to awaken them. In turn, she asked Athena about everything that had happened over the past centuries. Athena told Mercedes about how Victoria Island had been completely settled, that Cygnus had become the new Empress, that the Black Wings were trying to revive the Black Mage, and that Von Leon had returned. She also told Mercedes that she had been in contact with Aran, which surprised Mercedes, as humans didn’t have long lifespans. Athena explained that Aran had also been frozen for centuries, and that she was traveling around Maple World trying to recover her lost memories. She then asked if they could return to Elluel, as she longed to return to her homeland.

As they began heading outside, Athena remembered that she had forgotten something and asked Mercedes to wait outside for her. While Mercedes was waiting, Francis approached her and, after confirming that she was indeed Mercedes, began to attack her. Mercedes forced him to retreat, just as Athena came out. She brought Mercedes back inside and explained that, based on the symbol that Francis was wearing, he was likely a member of the Black Wings. She told Mercedes that she had always suspected that the Black Wings were watching her, but Francis’ attack confirmed her suspicions. She wondered if the Black Wings had made their move because she had been trying to take out the Mistelteinn. The fact that she still had to Mistelteinn after so long surprised Mercedes, but Athena explained that even though she knew that Mercedes had ordered her to safeguard it in order to keep her off the battlefield, she nevertheless took the order from her sovereign seriously. Mercedes then wondered why the Black Wings had attacked her and not Athena, to which Athena explained that the Black Wings had a Master of Disguise, who she believed had been planning to impersonate Mercedes in order to take the Mistelteinn from her.

Athena then realized that the Black Wings may have been listening in on their conversation, meaning that they knew about the existence of Elluel. They immediately rushed over, where they found Black Wings henchmen invading the kingdom. While Athena and Philius drove them out of the town, Mercedes eliminated all the enemies at the border. After forcing them to retreat, Philius told Mercedes that they still didn’t know enough about the outside world to form conclusions about the reason behind the attack. He added that since Athena had other responsibilities outside of Elluel, they couldn’t rely on her to guide them forever. Athena then returned from eliminating the stragglers and reported that the Black Wings had successfully been driven off, with no injuries on their side. However, she told Mercedes that the elders were too weak from the ice to hold back a larger invasion in their current state. Mercedes told Athena to keep holding onto the Mistelteinn, as Elluel was no longer a safe place to keep it. She briefly considered standing guard at the border, but Athena insisted that Mercedes needed to train in order to regain her full strength and free the elves. She suggested that the Cygnus Knights could offer their aid to Elluel if Mercedes approached them. Mercedes agreed to visit Cygnus in Ereve and Athena told her that she would write a letter to Cygnus so that she knew to expect Mercedes.

Royal Meeting

Sure enough, Neinheart greeted Mercedes as royalty and led her to the Empress. Cygnus told Mercedes that it was an honor to meet one of the legendary Heroes. She explained that she had been trying her best to help Maple World, but her inexperience and the fact that the Cygnus Knights were still new made her unsure about how well she was doing. However, she readily agreed to send a detachment of knights to guard Elluel and hoped that Mercedes would share her wisdom and guidance as an experienced ruler in exchange. When Mercedes agreed, Cygnus told her that she was glad to have Mercedes’ support, as there were few royals with whom she could speak. After their meeting, Neinheart told Mercedes that he could only spare a few knights, but assured her that they would be sufficient. Mercedes asked Neinheart whether Cygnus would be alright, as the young girl was shouldering a huge burden. Neinheart promised that Cygnus was wise beyond her years, despite her youth, and that he, Shinsoo, and the Cygnus Knights were doing everything in their power to support her. Still, Mercedes felt uneasy in her mind about the Black Wings and the return of the Black Mage, wondering whether Cygnus, a frail little girl, would have the strength to lead the people in the event of a full-scale war. Nevertheless, she returned to Henesys and told Athena Pierce about the successful negotiations.

Athena noticed that Mercedes looked unwell and asked whether she was alright. Mercedes confided her doubts about Cygnus, to which Athena told her that Mercedes herself had taught her that a good ruler would go to any lengths to save their people, which was precisely the kind of ruler Cygnus was, and that Cygnus reminded her of Mercedes in a way. Mercedes then returned to Elluel, where she met the three knights whom Neinheart had dispatched. One of the knights, Vel, reported that all was well in the kingdom. He added that, though there wasn’t much to do, he had seen Danika training and was amazed at her fighting prowess, as though she had lifetimes of experience, and asked Mercedes how old Danika was. Mercedes herself had forgotten how old Danika was, but knew that she was older than Athena Pierce at the time she had been frozen. Mercedes went to ask Danika her age, to which Danika answered that she was 240 years old, not counting the time she spent in the ice. Mercedes reported Danika’s age to Vel, who was taken aback, especially when Mercedes joked that Danika was practically a baby.

Second Job Advancement

After spending more time training, Mercedes felt that she was strong enough to start using some of her more advanced skills, though she was unable to recall them. She remembered that when she first became Ruler of the Elves, she had undertaken three trials from the Great Spirit of the elves. For her third trial, she recalled how she had to beat the Rage Dragon, and how the dragon had almost eliminated her instead. She wondered whether she would have to pass the trials again in order to prove herself worthy to the Great Spirit. At the King’s Seat, Mercedes played a song called ‘The Sovereign's Appeal’ on the large harp upon the throne, allowing her to summon the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit greeted Mercedes, who began voicing her doubts about her ability to lead and suggested that a new ruler should lead the elves. The Great Spirit reassured Mercedes that she had done what was best for the elves, as refraining from battling the Black Mage wouldn’t have guaranteed their safety either way. Her spirits lifted, Mercedes then asked whether she would need to pass the trials in order to regain her power, but the Great Spirit told Mercedes that she had already proven herself worthy of Elven Grace when she first became queen, and so she restored more of Mercedes’ power at no cost.

In Search of Clean Water

With her new skills, Mercedes continued training earnestly until she was called back to Elluel by Astilda, who told Mercedes that Elluel’s water supply had been poisoned. Though she and the other elders had been trying to purify as much water as they could, they simply couldn’t work fast enough, and so Astilda asked Mercedes to check the fountainhead. She apologized for having summoned Mercedes from her training in order to do so, but explained that Philius was researching the curse, Danika was training for battle, and she herself was simply too old. At the fountainhead, Mercedes found Black Wings henchmen poisoning the water and immediately eliminated them before returning to Astilda. Astilda told her that the Cygnus Knights were doing a good job of protecting the town, but even they couldn’t watch everything that happened around them. She doubted that the Black Wings would try poisoning the water again, but asked Mercedes to tell the Cygnus Knights to watch the fountainhead as well. She also added that it would take time for clean water to flow through Elluel, and so she asked if Mercedes could bring clean water if she were to encounter any during her travels, mentioning that the Cygnus Knights had said that there was a spring at the highest reaches of Ellinia from which clean water flowed. There, Mercedes found a small stump overflowing with water, which she brought back to Elluel.

Sylvidia's Return

Mercedes then continued her training until Philius called her back to Elluel once again, explaining that an old friend had returned. Upon arriving, Mercedes was pleasantly surprised to see her old friend Sylvidia, a snow-white unicorn. However, she noticed that Sylvidia was exhausted and asked if she was hurt. Sylvidia replied that she wasn’t hurt, but that it had been difficult to find food in Maple World over the past centuries without the help of the elves. Mercedes prepared a special unicorn meal for Sylvidia, who was grateful for Mercedes’ kindness. However, she explained that she still felt hurt that Mercedes had gone without her to fight the Black Mage and hoped that they could finally be together again. Mercedes tried to convince Sylvidia to wait a bit longer until the Black Mage was defeated for good, but Sylvidia protested that she would stay at Mercedes’ side no matter what.

The Shadow Knight's Challenge

Some time later, Mercedes received a letter from the Shadow Knight, who had challenged her to a duel in Sleepywood. Furious at the Shadow Knight’s audacity in challenging the Ruler of the Elves, Mercedes went to Sleepywood, intent on putting him in his place. There, the Shadow Knight greeted her and explained that he wanted to test his strength against her, as the legends stated that Mercedes was a master of the Dual Bowguns. Mercedes wondered whether the Shadow Knight was affiliated with the Black Wings, but regardless, she swore to win for the honor of the elves and proceeded to defeat him.

After the Shadow Knight retreated, Mercedes went to ask Athena Pierce who he was. Athena was unfamiliar with such a person and asked what he was wearing. Mercedes described how he wore a bamboo hat and a cloth that covered his face, explaining that his clothes looked like they were from Mu Lung. She added that his speech was old, but not from centuries ago, and that he also wore a black robe with a wing symbol on his clothes. Based on her description, Athena concluded that he was likely part of the Black Wings and told Mercedes that she must have scared them. She explained that the Black Wings had agents all over Maple World and asked Mercedes to stay safe in Elluel while she hunted them down. Mercedes warned Athena that she was overstepping her bounds to suggest that the Ruler of the Elves hide while her people were in danger. Realizing that she couldn’t persuade Mercedes, Athena told her to visit Manji in Perion, as he might know something about the Shadow Knight. When Mercedes described the Shadow Knight to Manji, he told her that he had seen such a man training by fighting Wild Boars some time ago. In the Wild Boar lands, Mercedes discovered a Tongue Twister Scroll and brought it back to Athena Pierce. After reading the scroll, Athena learned that the Shadow Knight did indeed belong to the Black Wings, but that he had disobeyed their orders and fought Mercedes alone, rather than lead her into an ambush. However, Athena was more worried about the one who had written the letter, as the wording of the letter made it seem as though the person not only knew Mercedes personally, but held a grudge against her. Undeterred, Mercedes continued training and soon regained even more of her old power from the Great Spirit.

Third Job Advancement

True to her words, the Great Spirit restored more of Mercedes' abilities once she became strong enough to wield them.

The Flame of Revival

Soon after, she received a letter from Athena Pierce, who wrote that she had heard of someone who had the power to break the curse on the elves, and that he would be waiting for her in Sleepywood. Mercedes thought it was strange that Athena had written a letter instead of contacting her directly and noted that the wording of the letter was overly obsequious. Nevertheless, she went to Sleepywood and met a hooded man named Audish, who told her about the Flame of Revival, which was said to able to break any curse. However, he told Mercedes that he needed to test her strength and asked her to defeat Copper Drakes. After proving herself, Audish told her to go into the Humid Swamp in Sleepywood, where she would find the flame. Mercedes went into the swamp and instead encountered Dargoth the Giant, who told her that there was no Flame of Revival. Realizing that she had been tricked, Mercedes defeated Dargoth and rushed back to Athena Pierce to warn her that the Black Wings were sending fake letters in her name. After Mercedes explained how she had been ambushed, Athena wondered whether there was an information leak, as the only people who knew about Mercedes’ goal to revive the elves were Athena, the elders, and the Cygnus Knights. Athena told Mercedes that she would personally speak with the Cygnus Knights and ensure that they were careful with what information they divulged to others. She also suggested that they agree to only speak directly instead of sending letters so that they wouldn’t fall for any other Black Wings schemes.

The Missing Child

Some time later, Mercedes was contacted by Lalich, one of the Cygnus Knights dispatched to Elluel. He asked Mercedes whether the child she had taken from Elluel a few days ago had woken up from the curse. In confusion, Mercedes told him that she had never taken anyone from the town, which in turn confused Lalich, who told her that he had seen her take the child, and that she had told him that she wanted to see if she could break the curse on him. Though he had trusted that Mercedes knew what she was doing, he wanted to know if the child was alright. Just as he spoke, he realized that the Black Wings had a Master of Disguise and feared that he may have been tricked. He asked Mercedes to return to Elluel right away, where he apologized to her for failing in his duties. However, Mercedes told him to save his apologies for the child and vowed to get him back. Soon after, she received a letter that instructed her to go the Verne Mine in Edelstein and speak with Le Tierre the Secretary if she ever wanted to see the child again. Mercedes noted that the letter was signed by “someone who remembered Mercedes”. When she got to the mine, she immediately threatened Le Tierre to return the child. Le Tierre was unfazed and simply told Mercedes to check the room to the left. Upon entering, she found that the Black Wings had set up an ambush for her, but she easily defeated them all and rescued the child. However, realized that it was a human child, not an elf, and confronted Le Tierre once again. Le Tierre laughed and said that it was hard to keep track of every child they had kidnapped, but when Mercedes threatened her, Le Tierre said that ‘she’ would get mad if Mercedes kept her waiting, and so she instructed Mercedes go into the Power Plant room on the right, and from there, enter the door at the end.

Following her directions, Mercedes found herself in Orchid’s room, where the Wing Master was waiting for her. Orchid mocked Mercedes for her one-track mind, claiming that once Mercedes focused on something, she was unable to notice anything else. At first, Mercedes couldn’t believe her eyes, but after realizing that it was indeed Orchid, she asked how the Wing Master could still be alive, to which Orchid merely said that she could ask the same of Mercedes. Orchid explained that ever since she had heard that Mercedes had been freed from the Black Mage’s curse, she had wanted to meet her. Mercedes then realized that Orchid was the leader of the Black Wings, which explained why the Black Wings seemed to know so much about her. She asked Orchid what the point of reviving the Black Mage was, to which Orchid began to hint at something the Black Mage was planning, even in spite of being sealed away, but stopped herself mid-sentence and joked that she had almost given away a secret. The two then engaged in a battle, which Mercedes was barely able to win, causing Orchid to retreat.

Though Mercedes was exhausted from the fight, she was aware that Orchid hadn’t even been at full strength without Lotus by her side, fearing what could have happened if Orchid hadn’t been weakened. She then found the elf child in Orchid’s room and escaped with him and the human child. She returned the human child to Claudine in Edelstein, believing that Claudine was merely a doctor, and returned back to Elluel with the elf child. Mercedes and the elders were amazed that the child, Moonie, had been freed from the curse by Orchid. As another Commander had resurfaced, the elders decided to tighten security and asked Mercedes to let Athena Pierce know what had happened, hoping that she could advise them about what to do next. Before she headed out, Mercedes spoke with Moonie to see whether he had recovered from his ordeal. Moonie told her that he couldn’t help but feel sad that he was the only child in Elluel. With his family and friends still frozen, and with the elders too busy to play with him, he felt especially lonely. Mercedes offered to play with him, but Moonie told her that he couldn’t ask her to do that, as she needed to get stronger in order to free the others. Though she could do little else to help him, Mercedes played the music box in the middle of town for him, which helped lift his spirits.

She then met with Athena Pierce and told her about her encounter with Orchid and explained that she was worried about the possibility of the Black Mage returning. Having faced him once, she knew all too well about the terrible power he possessed and told Athena that the Heroes were lucky not only to have sealed him, but to have escaped with their lives. She feared that there was no guarantee that she could defeat him a second time, especially when she had grown weaker while he was managing to break through the Seal of Time. She confided to Athena that she was terrified of the Black Mage, but Athena told Mercedes that she wasn’t alone, as the Explorers, the Cygnus Knights, the Resistance, and the returned Heroes all stood with her. Soon after, Neinheart reached out the Mercedes and apologized on behalf of the Cygnus Knights for having allowed Moonie to be kidnapped. Some time later, Mercedes went to Edelstein to check on the human child, Cutie, and asked if there was any way that she could help. Claudine told her that she had already done enough to help them, but at Mercedes’ insistence, she asked Mercedes to collect Nependeath Seeds in order to create a nutrition pill for Cutie. After Mercedes brought her the seeds, Claudine thanked her and noted that her strength and hatred of the Black Wings made her wonder whether their paths would cross again.

Birth of an Alliance

Cygnus asked Neinheart to arrange a royal meeting between herself and Mercedes. At the meeting, Cygnus asked Mercedes for her counsel, not only as a fellow royal, but also as one who had once faced the Black Mage. She told Mercedes that she had been recently plagued by nightmares, and that she had come to realize that the Cygnus Knights couldn’t defeat the Black Mage alone. However, she also realized that they would be unstoppable if the rest of Maple World stood alongside them. Because of this, she was planning on creating a worldwide alliance and asked Mercedes for her opinion. Mercedes confessed that it would be difficult to accomplish if the people of Maple World couldn’t look past their differences. However, she told Cygnus that despite it being difficult, it was what Maple World needed. She explained how centuries ago, she had watched Maple World fall to ruin because its people couldn’t look past their own selfish needs. In the present, however, she believed that Cygnus could bring about a new era of strength to defeat the Black Mage, and so she supported Cygnus’ decision. Cygnus thanked Mercedes for her insight and invited her to the upcoming conference she was planning to host.

On the day of the conference, Mercedes traveled with Athena Pierce, Aran, and Lilin to Ereve. After receiving unanimous confirmations, the First Continental Conference took place and the Maple Alliance was officially created.

Fourth Job Advancement

Mercedes’ vigorous training soon paid off, as the Great Spirit restored all of her power and explained that she would need to continue training in order to fully master the power of the Elven Ruler as she had once done centuries ago.

Final Quest

Mercedes was summoned by the Great Spirit, who bestowed her blessing to signify that Mercedes had returned to full power. Her return to strength also meant that Sylvidia grew much stronger.

Mirror World

While searching for the Time Relic, Alpha and Beta met Pam in Mirror World Leafre and helped her repair a broken music box that Mercedes had given her long ago, which they used to put Horntail to sleep in order to extract the relic from within the dragon.

Meeting the Demon

At the Six Path Crossway, Mercedes ran into the awakened Demon. She immediately recognized him as a Commander, but she also sensed that he seemed different, as though he were aware of his past misdeeds. She told him that, thanks to the letter he sent, the Heroes had been able to formulate their strategy based on the troop deployment information he had given them, which was the key to their victory. She also mentioned that Arkarium had appeared and attacked Mastema and the other Heroes before fleeing. With the information from his letter, the Heroes were able to take the most direct route to the Black Mage’s throne room, where they found the Demon lying unconscious. However, because of his attack, the Black Mage’s protective magic had been damaged, which was instrumental in allowing them to seal him away. The Demon was thankful that his actions had been meaningful, but Mercedes pointed out that there was much evil he had yet to atone for, doubting that his crimes could ever be forgiven. The Demon replied that he had no intention of seeking forgiveness. Because he had already lost everything that mattered to him, vengeance was the only thing left to him. Mercedes asked what his intensions were, to which the Demon told her that he would end the Black Mage himself and right all of his wrongs. Mercedes told him that his strength would be needed once the Black Mage returned, and that she was glad that they were on the same side. She also pointed out how strange it was that, having been once sworn enemies, they were now able to have a simple conversation. Though she couldn’t forgive him, she explained that she no longer hated him, and hoped that the Great Spirit would watch over him until they met again to face the Black Mage.

Soon after, Mercedes heard a rumor from Lisa that a suspicious group of men had been sighted in Orbis that looked exactly like the Demon. She contacted the Demon immediately and demanded to know what he was planning. Upon learning that the Demon truly had no idea about the strange men, she cautiously agreed to trust his word, though she warned that she would make him pay if he were planning something sinister.

Black Heaven

The morning of the operation, Mercedes found Danika and noted that she seemed to be having fun. Danika told Mercedes that it was time that she did her part as the Elder of War and asked Mercedes if she was glad to be fighting alongside the other Heroes. Mercedes told her that she was, though she wished that everyone was as strong as before, as not only did the curse leave them weaker, but Freud was also gone. Danika reminded her that they had Evan in his stead and asked what he was like. Mercedes saw Evan in the crowd asking Angelic Buster to sign the limited edition copy of her first album, as per Utah’s request. To answer Danika’s question, she hesitantly admitted that he resembled Freud, unable to find anything else to say about him. She added that she felt bad for Freud even just comparing him to Evan, which Danika noted seemed harsh. Just then, Evan found Mercedes and offered her steamed potatoes that his mother had made, much to her annoyance.

Meeting Shade

After hearing that Mercedes had returned to Elluel, Shade decided to see her, even though he knew that she wouldn’t recognize him. There, he introduced himself to her as a simple traveler who had always wanted to visit Elluel. After speaking with her for a bit, he decided to head back, leaving Mercedes to wonder why he had spoken to her as though he were an old friend. He soon crossed worlds to Grandis, causing Mercedes to forget him once again.

Heroes of Maple

Mercedes in Heroes of Maple

Evan and Mir traveled to Elluel to meet Mercedes in order to convince her to join them in their quest to carry out Freud's will. Though Mercedes was initially hesitant, she ultimately decided to help Evan, as she felt that she wasn't one to stand by and do nothing.

Mercedes was the first to join Evan at the Sanctum of Abraxas, where she helped them defeat Kapus the gatekeeper. Though she was initially annoyed at Evan ordering her not to kill Kapus, she grew to appreciate his humbleness when he took her advice instead of letting her words wound his pride. After they fell into a trap, they were rescued by Phantom and Luminous, who continued deeper into the Sanctum with them. They eventually discovered the Eye of Abraxas, a massive airship, and used it to travel to Earth, where the Transcendence Stone lay hidden.

Mercedes, Phantom, and Luminous disguised as partygoers at the museum gala where the stone was being held and infiltrated inside, where they found the Transcendence Stone. However, Phantom and Luminous got into an argument and while Mercedes attempted to break it up, Damien appeared and stole the stone while they were distracted.

After returning to Maple World, Mercedes and the other Heroes fought Damien, who had stolen the powers of the Transcendent of Life. After defeating him, they scattered Alicia's life force in order to save Maple World.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Freud for Mercedes.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Mercedes is "Ruler of the Elves".


After a large celebration party, Evan unexpectedly decided to visit Freud’s birthplace, where he found the other Heroes. Evan was surprised, as they had told him that they had ‘other stuff’ to do and sent him off like a child. Aran laughed and said that she had changed her mind, but that it was worth the trip to see the baffled look on his face. Mercedes told Aran not to make fun of Evan, as he did help them save the world. Luminous noted that it appeared as though they all had the same ‘stuff’ to do. Just then, Phantom appeared in a flash and saw that they had beaten him, though he declared that the star of the show always appeared last. Mercedes snapped that he was meant to be at another extravagant party, but Evan broke up the fight and said that with Phantom, all the Heroes were there, as well as himself. Phantom then told Evan not to discount himself, as he was one of them after helping save the world, which Mercedes agreed with. Phantom noted the irony of the grand Heroes who had defeated the Black Mage celebrating in an abandoned shack to mope about their long lost companion. Mercedes then suggested watching the moon and stars, visible from the broken roof. They wondered whether Freud ever watched the sky as they had, but Phantom pointed out that there likely hadn’t been a hole in the roof while he still lived there. Aran mentioned that she recalled how Freud had many holes in his roof, and that he had been too lazy to fix them. Shade countered that Freud was less lazy and more content with the feeling of a rundown cottage. The Heroes then looked back fondly on Freud and his eccentric ways. Soon after, they prepared to leave when Evan asked when they would see each other again. The Heroes reassured him that they were like family, and that they would see each other again at the next crisis, as they were Maple World’s greatest heroes.

In Elluel, Mercedes was pleased to see that the Black Mage’s defeat meant that the curse on the elves had finally been broken. Mercedes welcomed back her subjects and began apologizing for her failure, though all the elves reassured her that she had done everything she could to protect them. Athena Pierce then told Mercedes that, with the defeat of the Black Mage, she would return the Mistelteinn back to its rightful owner. Mercedes decided to leave it on display in Elluel as a reminder to their people about all the challenges they had faced and overcome. With that, Mercedes played the music box to start the celebrations, vowing that Elluel would forever be filled with the sounds of life and joy after centuries of silence.


While searching for Grendel the Really Old, the Adversary, Elwin, and Lily traveled to Lachelein, where they learned that Protective Mask was actually a projection of Mercedes, which Lucid had created in order to save her from her own nightmare. After Protective Mask rescued Lucid, Mercedes took Lucid in her arms and vowed to take her home after her mission was over.

Later on, Mercedes got into an argument with Neinheart about whether she or the Alliance should have custody of Lucid. Cygnus eventually intervened and issued an order to allow Mercedes to take Lucid back to Elluel.

Job Advancements

1st Job Advancement

Given automatically upon reaching Level 10.

2nd Job Advancement

Reach Level 30 and accept the quest above Mercedes's head, and head to the King's Seat. Click on the music box right above the door to be warped to the Advent of the Great Spirit. Talk to the Great Spirit to receive the 2nd Job Advancement.

3rd & 4th Job Advancement

Both Job Advancements are given automatically by reaching Level 60 and 100 respectively. This is because she had already undergone the tasks in order to become Queen Elf in the past. However, in order to acquire the medal associated with the job, the player must head back to the Great Spirit to receive the medal from her.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.



  • Mercedes is the first job who is not a human, being succeeded by the Demon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, and Zero.
  • When she shouts in anger and realizing she is Level 10 in a quest, she appears to be breaking the fourth wall.
  • In a popularity poll in the Korean MapleStory, she was voted first in 'Which hero will you be with if you are stranded in a deserted island?'
  • Mercedes is the first Unique Character class that is categorized under Bowman, the second being Pathfinder, who counts as a Special Explorer, and the third being Kain, who counts as a Nova.
  • Some of her skills have their names influenced from Middle-Eastern mythologies, specifically Ancient Mesopotamian.
    • Ishtar (also known as Inanna and Ashtoret) is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice and political power.
    • Enlil is an ancient Mesopotamian god associated with wind, air, earth, and storms and considered to be the chief deity of the Sumerian pantheon (in a similar manner to Zeus)
    • Irkalla is one of the names for the ancient Mesopotamian underworld.


  1. Also provides the voice(s) of Luminous (Female) and Aria.
  2. Animenewsnetwork
  3. Also provides the voice(s) of Kaiser (Female), Evan (Female), Lania, and Lilin (Heroes of Maple).
  4. Also provides the voice(s) of Freud, Bowman (Male), Pathfinder (Male), Pirate (Male), Cannoneer (Male), Rondo, and Nicky / T-Boy.
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